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Articles that focus on the lifestyles and daily routines of K-Pop artists and fans. These articles may be published in a variety of formats, including online blogs, magazines, and social media platforms, and they may be written by journalists, industry insiders, or K-Pop fans.

K-Pop lifestyle articles may cover a wide range of topics, including the daily routines and habits of K-Pop artists, the lifestyles and interests of K-Pop fans, and the ways in which K-Pop culture intersects with other aspects of life and culture in South Korea and around the world. These articles may include interviews with K-Pop artists and fans, profiles of K-Pop-themed events and businesses, and round-ups of K-Pop-inspired products and trends.

Whether you’re a K-Pop fan looking for inspiration or just interested in learning more about the lives and lifestyles of K-Pop artists and fans, K-Pop lifestyle articles can be a great source of information and entertainment.

Wanderlust Wednesday: Five K-Drama K-Pop MV Filming Locations You Can Visit

From warehouses to computerized realms, K-Pop MVs have an ability to transport us to different worlds. Meanwhile, some of those same settings can instill feelings of longing, romance, and joy when featured in some of our favorite K-Dramas. But, what...
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Wanderlust Wednesday: Park-Hopping Asia’s Theme Parks (Part 1)

Visiting theme parks is a fun hobby for many thrill seekers. Asia has plenty of theme parks beyond Disney parks to offer globetrotters. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, take the time to check out these parks on your adventures! LEGOLAND...
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Wanderlust Wednesday: Structurally Magnificent Thai Temples

With Covid travel restrictions* lifting, many of us may be feeling the nips from the travel bug reminding us that life is short, and we need to go out to see and experience the world. Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s major tourist attractions....
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KCrush Interview with Designer Lee Chung-Chung of Lie

Would you please briefly introduce yourself to our readers? am Lee Chung-chung, a fashion designer who I graduated from Central Saint Martin in the U.K. After majoring in menswear, I made my debut at London Fashion Week in 2010 and began my career...
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KCrush Interview with Fashion Designer Won Jeon of Painters

WSeoul Mode Fashion Institute (2012 - 2014) and Womenswear at London College of Fashion (2014-2018). He worked at two designer labels, ZeQuun in Seoul and Faustine Steinmetz in London before starting his own label...
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KCrush Interview with Designer Hyunjeong Kim of Vimun Studio

We are curious about how you got into the fashion business initially. It felt inevitable. I got a lot of attention for being unusually tall and thin since I was young, so that might have been why I enjoyed dressing up. But then I became...
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KCrush Interview with designer Younghoo Kim of Saint Ego

Please introduce yourself to our readers, please. Hello, I am a Korean designer Younghoo Kim, who is in charge of a brand named SAINT...
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Louis Vuitton Legendary Trunks Exhibition in Collaboration with Beauty Director Oh Min in Seoul

(Images provided by LMPE Company and Oh Min) Luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton will be holding its ‘Legendary Trunks Exhibition’ in collaboration with Korean beauty director and designer ‘Oh Min’ in KOTE, Insa-dong, Seoul, South Korea,...
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DIY Vegetable Garnish Carvings

Vegetable carving is concurred to originate from Asia with the dispute being the exact country amongst China, Thailand and Japan. Some of the world’s most eminent vegetable carvings include Mukimono from Japan and Thaeng.yuak from Thailand....
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Korean clothing and general fashion statement have caught the attention of almost everyone all over the world. Today, with its very own annual Seoul Fashion Week, Korea has now aligned itself with major fashion cities like Milan and Paris. It...
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Fashion is a common language that gets the attention of everyone around the world. This is because everyone loves to be fashionable and make a style statement of their own. Korean general fashion statement is often regarded as one of the best...
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How Asian Fashion Has Made An Impact On The World

The need to achieve new, vibrant, and more appealing looks has caused people to be more accepting of fashion styles with different origins. People’s taste in fashion can be impacted by what is in vogue, their beliefs, what their favorite...
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Korea’s Best Walking Trails

Korea is known for its perfection culture that goes beyond the normal with every aspect of life. The normal paces and strolls have been perfected and given an exquisite ambience through well designed lanes. The diverse themed walking lanes...
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Nine Best Korean Drama Fashions To Inspire Your Daily Outfits

When we talk about Korea, we can’t leave out Kdrama, K-fashion, and Kpop. From a simple and chick style to a glamorous style that you can find in Paris Fashion Week, these are the 10 best Korean Dramas that you can binge-watch to spend your free...
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ISEF Virtual Fashion Show

There is something different about the 7th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) this year. With caution to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fashion show, which has always been an entertaining part of the event – is held online. This very first...
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