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November 28, 2023 | 15,690 Visits


KCrush BIFF2023 – Interview with Producer Song Dae-chan

 It’s not often that I have the opportunity to speak with and interview directors of films I’ve seen, and even more rare to be able to speak to those who’ve produced one of the best action films in the last few years like A...
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KCrush BIFF 2023 – Interview with Yeon Je-gwang, Writer and Director of THE GUEST

 Not every guest is welcome, and certainly not those at a creepy motel located in the middle of nowhere. Written and directed by Yeon Je-gwang, The Guest is a psychological thriller that asks what would you do if you see someone’s...
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KCrush BIDAM 2023 – Interview with BIDAM Artistic Director Shin Eun-ju

Celebrating its fourteenth year of celebrating Korean dance and dancers, the Busan International Dance Market (BIDAM) which was held October 13th – 15th at the Geumjeong Cultural Center, is a program that brings the world of Korean...
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KCrush BIFF23 – Interview with Park Sun Young Programmer for Asian Cinema, Busan International Film Festival

 In this interview, Carolyn speaks with Park Sun Young, Programmer of Asian Cinema at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), about the importance of promoting Asian cinema at international festivals for local and visiting international...
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KCrush BIFF 2023 – Interview for Director and Cast of THE MONK AND THE GUN

 Set in 2006, a pivotal time of change for the people of Bhutan as they prepare for the dawn of democracy, The Monk and the Gun director Pawo Choyning Dorji’s second feature film is a whip smart comedic drama about the ways westernization and...
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JIFF Interview with filmmaker Shin Dong-min

There aren’t many films where a mother is cast to play herself and versions of herself in her son’s films. And there’s certainly even less where she gets to play herself twice in roles that are both wish fulfillment, and homage to...
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BISFF interview with filmmaker Hyun-min Cho – APOCALYPSE RUNNER: THE COMPLETE EDITION

What is the love of cinema if not a love for an art form that exposes the beauty and faults of humanity, is something I imagine the character of Park Dong-sik would say. Created by filmmaker and award-winning writer Hyun-min Cho, Dong-sik is a film...
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BSIFF Interview with Johee and Hanee Oh for THE GOOD SAMARITAN Inbox

DISCLAIMER: This audio may contain portions with unclear or distorted sound quality. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please be aware that we have made efforts to improve the audio quality, but due to technical limitations or external...
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KCRUSH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Festival Programmer Sébastien Simon Onsite At The 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival

Curating the programs for film festivals isn't as easy as you might think. It requires a discerning eye, the ability to be impartial, critical, discerning and most of the absolute love of film. During the Busan International Short Film Festival, I...
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KCRUSH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Jay Rosenblatt Onsite At The 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival

In this interview for the Busan International Short film Festival , I spoke with award-winning and Oscar nominated filmmaker and documentarian Jay Rosenblatt about his films How to Measure a Year, an intimate and surreal examination of the growth of...
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