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Taiwan pop (also known as Mandopop) interviews are conversations with Taiwan pop (Mandopop) artists or industry professionals that are conducted by journalists, radio hosts, or other media professionals. These interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video call, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online news articles, podcasts, radio programs, and TV shows.

Taiwan pop interviews may cover a wide range of topics, including the careers and personal lives of Taiwan pop artists, the business and culture of the Taiwan pop industry, and the experiences and perspectives of Taiwan pop fans. These interviews may be conducted in Mandarin or in other languages, and they may be targeted at a general audience or at a more specialized readership or listenership.

If you’re a fan of Taiwan pop music and want to learn more about your favorite artists and groups, or if you’re just interested in the Taiwan pop industry, Taiwan pop interviews can be a great source of information and entertainment.