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Articles that focus on the South Korean music genre known as K-Pop. K-Pop is a popular and fast-growing genre that is characterized by its catchy tunes, danceable beats, and elaborate music videos. K-Pop articles may cover a wide range of topics related to the genre, including the latest news and updates on K-Pop artists and groups, reviews of new K-Pop releases, and analysis of K-Pop’s impact on music and culture.

K-Pop articles may be written by fans, music critics, or industry professionals, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online blogs, magazines, and newspapers. Some common types of K-Pop articles include news articles, reviews, interviews, features, and analysis pieces.

Whether you’re a die-hard K-Pop fan or just looking to learn more about the genre, K-Pop articles can be a great source of information and entertainment.


Purple Kiss 2023 – The Festa Tour in USA

The Dallas, Texas Concert was really jumping and ecstatic!! The girls performed their iconic songs with a mixture of some cover songs too, which they did a cover on one of my favorite songs I like to listen to. It’s awesome to see how the...
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Music Bank: The Journey

From playing the trendiest hits to endlessly streaming performances by various K-pop acts, Music Bank has become the global go-to for K-pop gurus and rookie artists in South Korea. Fashioned back in 1988, this record chart has grown to become...
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The corner club Returns with “in the rearview mirror”

The not so cool kids in the corner Mike and Sav of the indie pop duo corner club, are back with a new EP. Some of you KCrush readers may remember listening to their interview on Candid Conversations back in August. Following up their 2021...
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5 Healthiest Korean Foods

Korea has become the center of global attention not only from the flashy and mesmerizing K-dramas and K-pop realms. Korean food is increasingly gaining global acceptance owing to the associated health benefits.  These dishes are from...
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Top 5 Korean Drama Actor Rankings in September 2023

With recently released dramas and others ongoing as well, the September Korean Drama Actor Rankings have seen a reshuffle. As compared to the August rankings, some of the actors and actresses have been dethroned as others leap closer to the...
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5 Must-Watch Kdramas that Kicked Off in January 2023

2023 kicked off with a blast, especially for K-Drama fans around the globe. With the unveiling of new dramas hitting the charts and the release of new seasons for ongoing series, life could not get any better. Here are some of the most...
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New Jeans: From Rookie Trainees to Beating BTS in a Guinness World Record

New Jeans is the newest K-pop act in town that has everyone talking. Barely two years after their debut, the quintet girl band dethroned BTS of a Guinness World Record with their mesmerizing singles. What’s more, New Jeans members are among...
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BIFF 2023 Asia Content Awards & Global OTT Awards

There’s something uniquely special about seeing people receive accolades for the years of hard work, dedication, passion, and love. To know that they know they’re appreciated for their craft, as happened at the 2023 Asia Content Awards...
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9 K-Dramas by K-Pop Idols to Binge On

Nothing beats the satisfaction that comes with an enchanting K-Drama storyline with mesmerizing OSTs topped up with the refreshing and hypnotic faces of our beloved K-Pop artists. Here are some of the most captivating K-dramas to binge on...
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20Jul The Colors Of Bang Yong-guk Dallas Concert 1

The Colors Of Bang Yong-guk Dallas Concert

“The Colors Of Bang Yong-guk” Is Bang’s first solo tour since with his group “B.A.P.” Starting his own label “Consent” in 2022, he put his heart into his 2 released albums. Songwriter, rapper, singer and producer Bang has always...
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The Color Of Bang Yongguk Austin Concert

The Austin, Texas Concert was really hyped and full of life! He performed a song from the past, “I Remember,” along with songs from his current album. It was really a blast to be there and to see him perform again.  The last time I saw...
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Kdrama Filming Locations Outside South Korea

Filming locations determine the overall success and impact of dramas. They serve as backdrops against which a story unfolds thus enhancing the overall aesthetic, authenticity, and believability of dramas. despite advanced visual effects and...
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Korean leg of the iKON “Take Off” World Tour

May 6th, 2023 is a day I will likely never forget, not because it was my second day in Seoul, South Korea, but because it was my first time seeing iKON live in person in Jangchung Arena for the Korean leg of their “Take Off’ world tour, their...
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WeBRIDGE Makes a Positive Start in Las Vegas

On Friday, April 21, 2023, Infinite Prospects Entertainment launched its inaugural event, WeBRIDGE: Now. New. Next., at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The exhibition and music festival focuses on the growing interest...
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Mixed Race Celebrities with Asian Backgrounds: Part Six

We’re back with the sixth edition of our popular series! Thanks to your response, we have discovered many more celebrities to include in our database. Back in 2018, 2019, and earlier in 2022 , Kcrush published articles about biracial...
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