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January 25, 2023 | 856 Visits

K-Pop (Korean Pop) interviews are conversations with K-Pop artists or industry professionals that are conducted by journalists, radio hosts, or other media professionals. These interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video call, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online news articles, podcasts, radio programs, and TV shows.

K-Pop interviews may cover a wide range of topics, including the careers and personal lives of K-Pop artists, the business and culture of the K-Pop industry, and the experiences and perspectives of K-Pop fans. These interviews may be conducted in Korean or in other languages, and they may be targeted at a general audience or at a more specialized readership or listenership.

If you’re a K-Pop fan looking to learn more about your favorite artists and groups, or if you’re just interested in the K-Pop industry, K-Pop interviews can be a great source of information and entertainment.

KCrush Interview With Soseo

Singer-songwriter Soseo freely expresses emotions that many people can relate to through music. In the past, while working as a model under the name of ‘SHUUU’, she prepared an album and released her debut song ‘Candy’...
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KCrush Interview with Atsushi Okada

途方もない夢がかなうと不思議な気持ちになる。岡田敦は写真探求の末、野生の馬が生息する幻の島「ユルリ島」に導かれた。KCrush America...
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KCrush Interview With Luli Lee Photo 1

KCrush Interview With Luli Lee

Luli Lee started her music career as a bassist for the band “Bye Bye Badman” in 2011, debuting impressively in the scene. As an active solo singer-songwriter, her music, which is composed of rhythmic yet delicate bass lines and...
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KCrush Interview with CORBYN Image

KCrush Interview with CORBYN

Corbyn, under 28 LABORATORY label, is soaring high in his music career. In an in-depth interview, we get to understand Corbyn’s music composition and production, meaning behind his lyrical pieces including “Burn”, and interaction with...
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Interview with Queenz Eye

KCrush Interview with Queenz Eye

Queenz Eye is the newest band in town rocking the K-pop entertainment arena. The 6-member girl group debuted with their electric “Queenz Table” mini-album on 24th October, 2022. It’s barely been 2 months since these queens entered the...
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KCrush Interview with Travis Yee

Travis Yee Haw is breaking barriers with his country music vibe. The reputable “Asian country singer” Tiktoker and “The Cowboy” from Fox TV’s “I Can See Your Voice – Season 1” is making quite a statement in the...
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[Audio] Candid Conversations with KCrush Ep. 4: Alex Wong

Alexander Wong (IG @slackkeyalex) is a slack-key guitarist who was born and raised in O‘ahu, Hawaii. He plays traditional Hawiian slack-key guitar music that is infused with acoustic styling, all integrated into ultra modern compositions and...
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KCrush Interview with VeriVery

VERIVERY a seven member group debuted on January 9, 2019, with Jellyfish Entertainment. This group’s pre-debut song, titled “Super Special,” became an instant hit and was the OST of their first reality show. The members consist of...
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KCrush Interview with Designer Lee Chung-Chung of Lie

Would you please briefly introduce yourself to our readers? am Lee Chung-chung, a fashion designer who I graduated from Central Saint Martin in the U.K. After majoring in menswear, I made my debut at London Fashion Week in 2010 and began my career...
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KCrush Interview with Fashion Designer Won Jeon of Painters

WSeoul Mode Fashion Institute (2012 - 2014) and Womenswear at London College of Fashion (2014-2018). He worked at two designer labels, ZeQuun in Seoul and Faustine Steinmetz in London before starting his own label...
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KCrush Interview with Designer Hyunjeong Kim of Vimun Studio

We are curious about how you got into the fashion business initially. It felt inevitable. I got a lot of attention for being unusually tall and thin since I was young, so that might have been why I enjoyed dressing up. But then I became...
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KCrush Interview with designer Younghoo Kim of Saint Ego

Please introduce yourself to our readers, please. Hello, I am a Korean designer Younghoo Kim, who is in charge of a brand named SAINT...
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KCRUSH Interview with LOUDI

  We’d like to thank LOUDI and his team for this interview, and we wish them all the best in all his upcoming ventures. Hello, thank you for sitting down for an interview with us. Please introduce yourself to our readers! Hi, everyone,...
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KCrush Interview with HDnG

HID&GEM (힏엔젬, stylized HDnG) consists of four members: Roars, Airson, GoldenAge and X. HDnG’s main concept is to have the members’ identities concealed until the group reaches 1 million views.   The four-member group made its...
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