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March 27, 2015 | 746 Visits

[Audio] Candid Conversations with KCrush Ep. 4: Alex Wong

KCrush Interview with VeriVery

[Audio] Candid Conversations with KCrush Ep. 3: Keiko Matsui Jazz keyboardist/Composer





Keiko Matsui – Echo


Keiko Matsui – The Rose performance


[Audio] Candid Conversations With KCrush Epi. 2: Actress/YouTuber Jenny Zhou.


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[Audio] KCrush Interview with Dhara Singh

Dhara Singh

KCrush Interview With Lemon Podcast Hosts On The Subjects of Culture, Racism and Much More - thank you to Cwamne Howard for conducting the interview

DJ Espio: Bringing K-Pop to LondonDJ Espio- Image provided

Here at Kcrush, not only do we like talking to the idols and singers who make the Asian music industry “pop,” but we love talking to the people who help share and spread Asian music to the rest of the world.

Andrew Lawrence, also known as DJ Espio, is one the musical pioneers helping to spread K-Pop in the Western world with remixes and show that are guaranteed to make you move! He took time for an interview with us and discussed haters, his shows, and plans for 2015. As a special treat, he also created a remix for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy listening, and we thank Andrew for his time.

Espio Presents: K-Pop Remixed Video DJ Set Vol.1

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