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[AUDIO] BISFF interview with filmmaker Hyun-min Cho – APOCALYPSE RUNNER: THE COMPLETE EDITION Inbox

What is the love of cinema if not a love for an art form that exposes the beauty and faults of humanity, is something I imagine the character of Park Dong-sik would say. Created by filmmaker and award-winning writer Hyun-min Cho, Dong-sik is a film critic whose love of cinema has consumed him to the point he’s become incapable of separating reality from fiction in the 2018 multi-genre short film Apocalypse Runner: The Complete Edition. Platformed in Sébastien Simon’s The Death of Cinema(s) program by of the 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival, Apocalypse Runner: The Complete Edition is a film that I found all too relatable myself as a film critic who at times has to question if perhaps I’m thinking too deeply about the films and shows I watch.
Cho’s off-kilter approach at showing how fervently loving something can lead to hating or disliking it with equal measure, is a very fine line many find themselves toeing. Especially if that thing, that art is what we turn to as a coping mechanism during a time of intense emotional turmoil, such as grief.
I had the pleasure of speaking to Cho about centering a film around a film critic, and his perspective on how critics perceive film and how they in turn are perceived by filmmakers. We also spoke about drawing inspiration from various genres of film as well as philosophers such as Plato. It was also a treat to have his cat Furiosa make a guest appearance.
Watch Apocalypse Runner: The Complete Edition here, and see if you can figure out which scenes were inspired by Furiosa’s namesake film Mad Max: Fury Road.
This year Hyun-min was one of 6 writers whose work was featured in an anthology that won the 2023 6th Young Writer Award for Korean Science and Literature Award Collection. 

[AUDIO] BSIFF Interview with Johee and Hanee Oh for THE GOOD SAMARITAN

As big as the world is it’s a wonder that humans are able to form connections despite our perceived differences, and in the award-winning short film The Good Samaritan Girl/Die barmherzige Samariterin 같은 하늘 아래서 (2023), director and writer Johee Oh show how the bond between a 16-year-old Korean girl and her classmate from Kurdistan, is created through their differences and similarities as immigrants and teenagers in Germany.

Winning the Audience Award at the 38th Busan International Short Film Festival is an impressive achievement, and for Johee, her co-writer, producer, sister and main actress Hanhee Oh, second lead Shereen Syada, and their team, the award is very much deserved.

Stepping into the role of director is a daunting task for any person to undertake, especially those who are young and sharing their stories with the world with people who look, think, see and understand the world differently than they do. In our interview during the festival, I spoke with Johee and Hanee about how they faced the challenge of telling a story they both relate to on a personal level from the perspective of being Korean women who made the difficult choice to immigrate to Germany without the support system of their parents, and learning to adjust to a country and society where everything is new and unknown, as Hanee’s character Min-ju had to.

[AUDIO] KCRUSH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Festival Programmer Sébastien Simon Onsite At The 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival

Curating the programs for film festivals isn’t as easy as you might think. It requires a discerning eye, the ability to be impartial, critical, discerning and most of the absolute love of film.

During the Busan International Short Film Festival, I spoke with festival programmers Sébastien Simon about what it took for him to create the Hub of Asia Program, which was comprised of the Asian Americana program, The Death of Cinema(s), and the Rendez-vous AFiS, a special screening showcasing the work of young filmmakers from across the Asian diaspora who are learning the methods necessary to navigate the business side of the film industry at the Busan Asian Film

It’s interesting that there will now forever be a world “before the pandemic” and afterward, and this phenomenon as we know it has had significant and permanent impact on the lives of every single person on earth, and industry, including film.

During our discussion we shared our perspectives on the past, present and future state of Korean, North American and global cinema, and if there will ever come a time that cinema might die.

Jay Rosenblatt

[Audio] KCRUSH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – Jay Rosenblatt Onsite At The 2023 Busan International Short Film Festival

In this interview for the Busan International Short film Festival , I spoke with award-winning and Oscar nominated filmmaker and documentarian Jay Rosenblatt about his films How to Measure a Year, an intimate and surreal examination of the growth of his daughter Ella. We discussed the changes in Ella’s emotional psychological intelligence over the course of 16 years of filming, and Jay’s own perspective as a filmmaker and father.

[Audio] Candid Conversations with KCrush Ep. 4: Alex Wong

KCrush Interview with VeriVery

[Audio] Candid Conversations with KCrush Ep. 3: Keiko Matsui Jazz keyboardist/Composer





Keiko Matsui – Echo


Keiko Matsui – The Rose performance


[Audio] Candid Conversations With KCrush Epi. 2: Actress/YouTuber Jenny Zhou.


Follow Jenny Zhou on:

[Audio] KCrush Interview with Dhara Singh

Dhara Singh

KCrush Interview With Lemon Podcast Hosts On The Subjects of Culture, Racism and Much More - thank you to Cwamne Howard for conducting the interview

DJ Espio: Bringing K-Pop to LondonDJ Espio- Image provided

Here at Kcrush, not only do we like talking to the idols and singers who make the Asian music industry “pop,” but we love talking to the people who help share and spread Asian music to the rest of the world.

Andrew Lawrence, also known as DJ Espio, is one the musical pioneers helping to spread K-Pop in the Western world with remixes and show that are guaranteed to make you move! He took time for an interview with us and discussed haters, his shows, and plans for 2015. As a special treat, he also created a remix for your listening pleasure.

We hope you enjoy listening, and we thank Andrew for his time.

Espio Presents: K-Pop Remixed Video DJ Set Vol.1

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