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Kcrush Interview with Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

Hello, thank you so much for taking your precious time for this interview. Kindly introduce yourselves to our readers. Meena: Hello, this is Bae Meena. I’m a vocalist and a bassist. Myeong-jin: I’m Kim Myeong-jin. I am a drummer and a...
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KCrush Interview with Wings of the ISANG

Wings of the ISANG is a 4-member Post-rock band from Seoul, South Korea. The band was featured on the KBS’ Top Band Season 2. For this interview, we wanted to focus on learning their music, how the band’s name was created and what their...
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Great Hard Rock Korean Bands

Foreigners these days often associate Korean music with Psy’s mega hit ‘Gangnam Style’ or BTS, a boy group garnering international praise. Indeed, it is not easy to be exposed to music genres other than “K-pop” in daily life in Korea as...
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