Traditional Korean

July 12, 2021 | 20,693 Visits

Traditional Korean interviews are conversations with individuals who are involved in traditional Korean culture and practices, such as musicians, dancers, craftspeople, and scholars, that are conducted by journalists, radio hosts, or other media professionals. These interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video call, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online news articles, podcasts, radio programs, and TV shows.

Traditional Korean interviews may cover a wide range of topics, including the history, customs, and traditions of Korea, the experiences and perspectives of individuals who are involved in traditional Korean culture, and the challenges and opportunities of preserving and promoting traditional Korean practices in the modern world. These interviews may be conducted in Korean or in other languages, and they may be targeted at a general audience or at a more specialized readership or listenership.

If you’re interested in traditional Korean culture and want to learn more about the people who are keeping these traditions alive, traditional Korean interviews can be a great source of information and inspiration.


Kcrush Interview with Dasom Baek

Dasom Baek is a prolific Korean musician, composer, and lecturer. She performs and produces music using traditional Korean instruments, including Daegeum, Sogeum, and Saenghwang. We’d like to thank Ms Baek for providing us with a great...
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