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BTS Members’ Interests Outside Music

  BTS members are widely known for their influential and hypnotizing lyrical pieces. However, these 7 beings have a life beyond music and its accompanying spotlight. It is through these outside-music ventures that the band members freely express their true

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Singer-Songwriter Bang Yong Guk to return with his own agency CONSENT

  Former B.A.P member and rapper Bang Yong-guk has announced via social media of his return as a solo artist, under his own agency named CONSENT. CONSENT is a one-man agency Bang created for his future activities including modeling, acting,

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Interview with Josh Johnson, Lead Designer of KPOP: Becoming an Idol

  At Kcrush, we’ve interviewed Josh Johnson who is the Lead Designer at Golden Gear Press that recently created a fun board game KPOP: Becoming an Idol. We hope this interview draws more interest to the work and we wish

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Kcrush Interview with MCND

  MCND (Music Creates New Dream) is a South Korean boy group formed by the company TOP Media in 2020. The group made their debut on February 27, 2020 with “ICE AGE”. We would like to thank the five members

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14U Disband Following Rumors of Favoritism, Inappropriate Relations

  BG Entertainment’s male idol group, 14U, officially disbanded May 10, 2019 following reports that one group member was subject to favoritism. XSports News also reports that this member allegedly had sexual relations with a female official at the company

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GOT7’s Fly in Dallas Concert

American KPOP fans were given a real treat when it was announced GOT7 would be bringing their Fly concert tour to the US after touring in Asia. GOT7 previously held a fan meeting tour in May of 2015, visiting 3

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Best Songs from May 2016

May 2016 presented a much better month song-wise, so much so that it’s impossible to rank a top ten. Instead, we present you a list of the best songs that should find their way onto your K-Pop playlists as soon

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4Minute Predicted to Disband

On Sunday June 12, 2016 US time, several US K-Pop news outlets including Allkpop, Soompi, and Koreaboo reported that 4Minute will disband following their contract expirations June 15, 2016. Korean news outlets including Xports also report that 4Minute’s disbandment is

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