Where Are They Now

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Say Yes – Where Are They Now?

Say Yes was a 5-member boy band debuted in July 2013 under Music Factory Entertainment agency with the hit single “Feel Good”. The band lived up to its “optimistic ambiance” meaning behind its title by sweeping fans of their feet with...
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Where Are They Now?

Growing, dominating and existing for the longest time possible in the entertainment industry is every celebrity’s dream. The K-Pop industry is known for its robust debut of K-Pop artists through hit songs characterized by top notch vocals,...
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Where Are They Now? – K-Pop Idols Who Left Their Groups or Had Their Groups Resolved

K-Pop icons stars have the pleasure of enjoying the benefits that come with their stardom including a massive following for being in the spotlight, privacy, and countless endorsement opportunities among others. The pleasures and fame are...
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Where Are They Now – Male K-Pop Groups Edition

When K-Pop idols debut, there are a wide range of variables that can affect the future of their careers. Some K-Pop groups might last a decade or more, while others seem to fizzle within a year or two of their debut. And, with that being...
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Heartfelt Harmony For Honey Lee 2020

Photo from her instagram @honey_lee32 The raising of a star Being as her mother is a Doctor of Korean Music History at a prestigious university and her father a senior officer in the National Intelligence Service, Lee Ha Nui, also known as...
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Everybody who loves K-Pop knows who Girls’ Generation are – they are called the Nation’s Girlgroup for a reason. Legendary hit singles such as, “Into The New World”, “Gee” – according to Melon, it’s considered as the “Song...
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Raving For Ravi 2019

If you’ve by any chance clicked on this article without knowing who Ravi is, fear not and let me introduce you to this Kpop star! Best known by his stage name Ravi, Kim Won-sik is the main rapper, lead dancer, lyrics writer and composer for...
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Soaring with Psy in 2019

A photo of Psy from his Instagram account @42psy42. Crazy about music, dancing & performing Park Jae-sang, better known under his stage name Psy, stormed into the international music charts in 2012 with his worldwide hit single ‘Gangnam...
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No More Tears with Kwon Sang Woo In 2019

A still of Kwon Sang Woo from the 2018 Kdrama ‘Queen of Mystery 2’. Riding the Hallyu wave Best known across Asia for his lead role in the Kdrama ‘Stairway to Heaven’, South Korean actor Kwon Sang Woo first started out as a...
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Seeking Sulli in 2019

A recent photo of Sulli from her Instagram account @jelly_jilli. Before the controversies Born in Busan, South Korea on 29th March, 1994, Choi Jirin – better known by her stage name Sulli, first entered the entertainment industry as an...
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All Grown Up with Yeo Jin Goo in 2019

A recent photo of the actor from his Instagram account @yeojin9oo. From child actor to leading man Making his debut on the silver screen with ‘Sad Movie’ in 2005 when he was only eight years old, Yeo Jin Goo has definitely racked up a lot...
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Keeping Up with Kang Ji Hwan in 2019

Kang Ji Hwan in a still from 2018 reality show ‘Real Men 300’. His story Jo Tae-gyu, or better known under his stage name Kang Ji-hwan, is a 42 year old South Korean actor who first debuted as a musical actor before branching out into...
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Missing Melody Day in 2019

Stills of Melody Day from their ‘When it rains’ MV. Bringing dramas to life Originally formed in 2012 as a three-member all-female Kpop group, Melody Day made their official debut in February 2014 with members Yeoeun, Chahee, and Yein. A...
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Tracking The Ark in 2019

Stills of the girls from their recent Instagram live broadcast in January 2019. From left: Yujin (Mail), Minju, Jane, Euna and Suji. A brief starburst The Ark was a five-member all female South Korean Kpop group formed under Music K...
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Surpassing SISTAR in 2019

A photo of SISTAR from their 2017 hit ’Lonely’. From left: Soyou, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom. Queens of the summer anthem Soyou, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom were the four members who made up the all-female South Korean Kpop group SISTAR signed...
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