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20Feb Alienoid

Alienoid: Return to the Future – Video Review

 Starring Kim Tae-ri, Ryu Joon-yeol, Kim Woo-bin, and Lee Ha-nee, Alienoid: Return to the Future is the continuation of writer and director Choi Dong-hoon’s hit time jumping Sci-Fi adventure film Alienoid released in 2022. For...
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ATEEZ’s Stunning THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL Album Review

ATEEZ is back with their second full-length album, THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL. This album has everything– hype tracks, ballads, hip-hop, rap, cinematic tracks, and dance grooves. ATEEZ only continues to thrive and show their talent with each...
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Red Velvet Chill Kill Album Review

This third full-length album from Red Velvet is a sonic adventure that truly displays the group’s evolution as professional artists. The incredible soundscapes created show their explosive dynamic as a collective and the lyrics of some...
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5 Christmas Movies with Asian Leads to Stream

Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s time to put away the turkey and bring out the Christmas films. There are always tons of choices, but when it comes to representation of the Asian community within Christmas movies, the choices are very...
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Crush’s Wonderego Album Review

Wonderego is a well-crafted album with 19 tracks, each having Crush’s signature on them. He was heavily involved in this project, from the lyrics to production, and this proves he is successful at his craft on multiple levels. Here’s how...
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Time to Listen to The Drive by Vince: A Standout Debut EP Review

This is my time learning of Vince, but it wasn’t my first time encountering his work. You likely have listened to some of the famous hits he has contributed to as well such as SUNMI’s “Gashina”, LISA’s “MONEY”, and BLACKPINK’s...
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20Nov ROCK-STAR - Stray Kids Album Review 1

ROCK-STAR: Stray Kids Album Review

Stray Kids don’t miss! I had high hopes for their latest album drop, ROCK-STAR, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Stray Kids brought their A-game and were as bold as ever! This group always has at least two or three hype...
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Jung Kook’s GOLDEN Debut Album Review

The Golden Maknae has released his debut solo album. With an all English tracklist, and plenty of features, I was curious how GOLDEN would display who BTS fans already know to be an unstoppable force. Jung Kook is a treasure, but I was...
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The Lastest from Dynamic Duo: A Review of “Smoke” & 2 Kids On The Block – Part.2 Album

Dynamic Duo is a seasoned Korean hip-hop group. Choiza and Gaeko debuted in 2004 with their album, Taxi Driver. This record became one of the best-selling Korean hip-hop albums of all time. They’ve done many collaborations in their years of...
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V Layover Album Review

With BTS members releasing solo projects and singles, I was excited to hear what V had cooking. I personally wasn’t thrilled with some of the past solo releases from other members. Would Kim Taehyung provide a breath of fresh air, or would...
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Why True Beauty is My #1 Favorite K-Drama

True Beauty has everything I’d ever want in a drama. It’s filled with romance, comedy, suspense, family interactions, amazing character arcs, and an extremely satisfying ending. All of the characters added to the plot and each episode was...
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The Rose HEAL Album Review

The Rose presents a unique blend of pop-rock, memorable ballads, and unique vocals. HEAL did not disappoint! Here’s my album breakdown. ~: 9/10 I love a good intro. “~” builds a dreamy soundscape that invites listeners into the world...
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13Sep BOYNEXTDOOR Album Review 1


This album was my first encounter with BOYNEXTDOOR, and perhaps yours, too! They debuted a few singles on a mini album in May 2023, and are relatively new as a group. ZICO helped produce this group, and the music’s aim is to be relatable to...
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Is The Good Bad Mother Really That Good?

The Good Bad Mother has been causing a stir online since it hit Netflix. Heartfelt, drama-filled, and…action sequences? Yes, it truly does have it all. But is The Good Bad Mother really the best drama to hit Netflix this year? The hype...
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Song Review: Bang Yong Guk’s “Green” Perfect for Spring

Following the announcement he would embark on his Colors of Bang Yong Guk Tour, Bang Yong Guk dropped his latest single “Green.” Featuring Soovi, “Green” shows a softer side to Yong Guk compared to his tracks “Up,” “Off” and...
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