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September 13, 2023 | 16,819 Visits


The Rose HEAL Album Review

The Rose presents a unique blend of pop-rock, memorable ballads, and unique vocals. HEAL did not disappoint! Here’s my album breakdown. ~: 9/10 I love a good intro. “~” builds a dreamy soundscape that invites listeners into the world...
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13Sep BOYNEXTDOOR Album Review 1


This album was my first encounter with BOYNEXTDOOR, and perhaps yours, too! They debuted a few singles on a mini album in May 2023, and are relatively new as a group. ZICO helped produce this group, and the music’s aim is to be relatable to...
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Is The Good Bad Mother Really That Good?

The Good Bad Mother has been causing a stir online since it hit Netflix. Heartfelt, drama-filled, and…action sequences? Yes, it truly does have it all. But is The Good Bad Mother really the best drama to hit Netflix this year? The hype...
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Song Review: Bang Yong Guk’s “Green” Perfect for Spring

Following the announcement he would embark on his Colors of Bang Yong Guk Tour, Bang Yong Guk dropped his latest single “Green.” Featuring Soovi, “Green” shows a softer side to Yong Guk compared to his tracks “Up,” “Off” and...
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Why Twenty Five Twenty One Was So Special

Twenty Five Twenty One was one of the biggest dramas of 2022. I had it on my list for some time, and finally got around to it. It started slow for me, and then around episode 5 it became a binge. This drama was addictive because it had a good...
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Rating 2022’s Debuts: Girl Group Edition

2022 has ended, so it’s that time of the year where we (and everyone else) do their “year-in-review” segments. Kcrush kicks off our year-in-review segments by rating the debuts from 2022. It should be prefaced that many K-Pop songs in recent...
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3Dec Indigo - A Review of RM’s First Full-Length Solo Album Featured

Indigo: A Review of RM’s First Full-Length Solo Album

I cannot fully describe the level of excitement I had for this album. I am a huge fan of RM’s Mono, a mixtape that has stood the test of time and four years later is still one of my favorites. How does Indigo fair? Here’s my review....
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Ambitious Sound of Magic a Conversation Starter with Some Holes

Spoiler Warning: Review talks about key moments in the drama Trigger Warning: Review mentions self-harm, suicide, and abuse As one 2022’s most buzzworthy dramas, The Sound of Magic has plenty of promise. Based on the webtoon The Sound of...
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Relatable ‘Turning Red’ Fun, Nostalgia-Filled Imperfection

Post contains spoilers Turning Red, a film about a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl Meilin Lee (Rosalie Chiang), is a groundbreaking film on many levels. It’s the first time a woman solo-directed a film in Pixar’s history woman (Domee...
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There And Back Again: A Review of Eric Nam’s Reflective Album

Eric Nam just keeps getting better and better! His latest album, There And Back Again, is a lovely culmination of Eric’s sheer talent and musical expertise. He is no stranger to the pop world but is especially making waves as he is...
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Woosung’s Incredible First Full-Length Album “Genre”

As one of the lead singers for The Rose, Woosung is an incredible vocalist. With a unique and recognizable sound, he has made waves with his first solo full-length album. I first encountered him on the Itaewon Class OST for his track, “You...
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The Silent Sea is Worth The Hype

Following the huge popularity of Squid Game, I thought this might be the next big thing. Though Single’s Inferno (a reality dating show) seemed to take the cake, The Silent Sea was still a great watch and here’s why (spoilers ahead)....
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One thing I know about ATEEZ is that they deliver. ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE gives listeners an album full of the classic ATEEZ sound. They really only continue to get better and better. Turbulence: 8/10 This song is one you can easily feel...
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Monsta X The Dreaming Album Review

This all-English album is full of groovy tunes, amazing vocals, and memorable melodies. With some retro bops, Monsta X prove their musical abilities and how quickly they can get me dancing! Here’s how the album ranked. One Day: 10/10...
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Gaho “Fireworks” Album Review

Gaho is an incredible Korean soloist. He is well-known for his work on Korean Drama OSTs, such as Itaewon Class and Start-Up. His vocal range is out of this world, as well as his songwriting abilities. This debut full-length album has been...
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