Mixed Race Celebrities with Asian Backgrounds: Part Four

August 30, 2022 | 4645 Visits


Mixed Race Celebrities with Asian Backgrounds: Part Four

Back in 2018, 2019, and earlier in 2022, Kcrush published two articles about biracial celebrities with Asian backgrounds. We’re revisiting those articles and including more celebrities that have Asian backgrounds. Of course, we encourage our...
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Asian Fall Hat Trends 2018

Fashion trends are changing from season to season. Each and every season is different and those who are following fashion trends even just a little bit, know what we are talking about. Every new season brings something new. It may be some new color...
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Top Asian Fashion Trends Seen Throughout 2018

The fashion game is a big thing. As a department of art, fashion has always been an industry that has seen many changes, influences and is the easiest one to show your creativity. From street fashion to high fashion, the world is obsessed about nice...
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MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards) 2017

Launched in 1999, ‘MAMA’ is a major K-pop award ceremony that attracts performers from all over the world to this day. It aims to bring together international fans and musical artists of different cultures and languages on one great...
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Top Five List of Asian Female Golfers

Unlike other sports, golf is a sport that does not restrict itself to a standardized playing area but in fact involves different terrains with obstacles to overcome in every course. Although largely male dominated, women have made a huge impact in...
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Amazon’s Best 20 Asian Movies

20. Okja Okja is a science-fiction and drama film that was launched in 2017. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, the story is about a little girl (young Mija) and her big animal friend Okja, which is a superpig. One day, her pig is taken by multinational...
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Top 20 Asian Movies on Netflix

There are many Asian movies that have been on the top of the chart at Netflix Asian shows. Asian movies are full of drama and loved by the people worldwide. On the basis of different categories we have differentiated some of the movies and created a...
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Asian “Mask” Custom

If you are visiting an Asian country and you see a lot of people wearing facemasks in public, do not be surprised… do not panic either. Since early 20th century, due to several outbreaks of infectious diseases such as 1918 (the Spanish flu)...
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Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Asian Countries

Asian tourism is getting more and more popular, as it offers foreigners totally different experiences with affordable budgets. It may be useful to learn local customs before visiting a country. Reasons are various: for a more comfortable trip, to...
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The Best 15 Asian Movies on Netflix

Netflix is the movie lovers’ paradise because they can find the best of the best. In this article we talk about the best 15 Asian movies on Netflix. Fist of legend: The movie takes place before the outbreak of World War 2 as the Japanese...
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Cooking? Cooking! Asian Cuisine Cookbooks to Inspire Your Inner Iron Chef

Asian food is always appetizing and enjoyable, but some may find it difficult to make. There are many reasons why some deem Asian food inaccessible: Ingredients, it’s time-consuming, or even not having enough skill to create tasty dishes. Never...
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Asian and Asian American Festival Events: A State-by-State Guide

Asian and Asian American Festival Events: A State-by-State Guide Here is a state-by-state guide featuring upcoming confirmed and tentatively scheduled Asian-interest festivals and events for the remainder of 2016. Press CTRL+F to search for your...
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Who Let the Dogs Out? Asian Dog Breeds Appearing at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

On February 15 and 16, 2016, New York City’s Madison Square Garden hosts one of the grandest dog galas, The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (WKC). This year, the show celebrates its 140th year with thousands of dogs vying for group honors. For...
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Asian Star Players In The NBA

TOP Asian-American NBA Player Jeremy Lin is an American professional basketball player, he currently plays with the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. The fact that he’s Asian American, makes him one of the few in NBA history, and also the...
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Philip Ahn, the first Asian actor in Hollywood

Philip Ahn (Ahn Pil-Lip -안필립) was born on March 29th 1905 in Los Angeles, California. His family had moved to America from Korea in the year of 1902,...
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