The Best 15 Asian Movies on Netflix

April 23, 2017 | 15056 Visits

Netflix is the movie lovers’ paradise because they can find the best of the best. In this article we talk about the best 15 Asian movies on Netflix.

  1. Fist of legend:

The movie takes place before the outbreak of World War 2 as the Japanese troops threaten the existence of one of the masters of martial arts in Shanghai.

  1. The Beauty Inside:

This Korean movie is the remake of an American film that bears the same name. The movie is a romantic comedy that talks about a man who wakes up in a different body with a different life every single day. The only thing that doesn’t change is the girl he loves.

  1. Internal Affairs:

This Chinese masterpiece actually inspired “The Departed” by Scorsese. The story is about a police officer who goes undercover in order to become a part of a gang. At the same time, a gangster joins the forces in order to know their secrets. If this sounds familiar then you might want to watch the original piece.

  1. Nobody Knows:

This Japanese heart wrenching tale is made more tragic because it is based on a true story. It tells the story of a 12 year old boy who is forced to care for his 3 younger siblings when their mother chooses to abandon them. It tells the story of feelings and hardships as the boy grows up before his time.

  1. House of Flying Daggers:

This Chinese movie marked the entrance of China to the world of Academy Awards by being nominated for the award of best cinematography. The story revolves around 2 policemen who try to find the secret behind a gang with the help of an exceptional blind dancer who masters martial arts. The motion on the screen can be a mixture of dancing and fighting but is exceptionally beautiful to watch.

  1. The Host:

Due to the dumping of toxic waste, a large mutant amphibian appears in the Han River of Seoul. It kidnaps a little girl and the whole city goes into chaos as her father starts to look for her. He goes on a quest to find where the monster hides with the authorities trying keep him away.

  1. Moebius:

This is a dark and disturbing movie that was first banned in Korea then was accepted later on. It mainly talks about the desires of a father and how they affect his son who follows his footsteps. The film doesn’t involve much dialogue but is still one of the darkest productions out there.

  1. Rigor Mortis:

The movie is really scary as it follows the life of a depressed actor who suffers after his wife leaves him. He decides to hang himself only to be greeted by 2 ghosts who try to possess his body and a vampire who competes for his soul.

  1. The Housemaid:

This classical triangle has more than what the name implies when a man has an affair with the housemaid not knowing that his wife knows of the affair. While the maid tries to maintain her name and reputation, the wife seems to know more than what she tells.

  1. The Five venoms:

The movie tells the secrets of the world of Kung Fu when a dying Kung Fu master sends his student on a quest to find 5 of his late students to know which one of them has forgotten about the rules of Kung Fu and has gone evil. The movie is especially popular with martial art lovers who know that nothing beats Asian Kung Fu.

  1. The Midnight after:

The movie is a real intellectual horrifying experience for movie lovers who like to experience something of the extraordinary. It talks about a minibus that is full of passengers and arrives at a new dimension where a strange virus infects everybody in the city.

  1. The phantom of the theatre:

The movie is set in the glorifying 1930s of China where everything was elegant and mystical. It tells the story of trapped souls that perished after a fire that took place 13 years ago in a theatre and currently waiting to haunt more victims when the new show opens.

  1. Miss Granny:

This comedy movie has been a success since its release and this is why it is so popular on Netflix. The movie tells the story of an old grandmother who has pushed her family away with her bad attitude but one day she has her photograph taken to realize that she has returned to her 20 year old body.

  1. Miao Miao:

This romantic movie tells the story of a young student who develops an attraction for another colleague and the funny situations that arise from this new found romance.

  1. The Divine move:

Asian movies are all about honour and revenge and this movie says this best. After being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, a Go player joins forces with a Go master in order to seek revenge.

—-A. Licia

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