Shut Up: Flower Boy Band – Where Are They Now?

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Shut Up: Flower Boy Band is a television series released in 2012 and is praised for its intriguing coming-of-age storyline. The series revolves around a high school Eye Candy rock band’s strive through friendship, romance, and rivalry. Sought from all corners of the entertainment world, the bandmembers have evolved throughout the decade with each fulfilling their destined paths. Unlike other acts that fallout after finishing a project Shut Up: Flower Boy Band casts have maintained a close relationship despite their roads taking different turns. Let’s have a snip view of where these individuals are now.


Sung Joon


1. Sung Joon

In Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Sung Joon played Kwon Ji Hyuk; the free-spirited Eye Candy rock band leader, vocalist, and guitarist.  After this series, the model-turned-actor has continued to showcase his acting talents through various acts. Sung Joon has appeared in various television series including Can We Get Married? (2012), High Society (2015), and Ms. Perfect (2017) among others. Sung Joon has starred in films such as Ghost Mansion (2021) and web series such as Mojito: The Magic (2021). Before quietly enlisting in the military in 2018, Song Joon married his non-celebrity girlfriend with whom he had a baby. The couple held a marriage ceremony in late 2020 after Sung Joon returned from the military. Sung Joon’s latest appearances in Island (2023), and Call It Love (2023) have further intensified this icon’s popularity in the K-drama world as fans await more of his acts come 2024.


L (Kim Myung Soo)


2. L (Kim Myung Soo)

Professionally known as L, Kim Myung Soo played Lee Hyun Soo; the short-tempered “ice prince” and Eye Candy band guitarist. This Infinite K-pop boy band member has continued to soar higher in the music and acting worlds. In the music world, L has done various acts including singles such as “Memory’’ in 2021 and OSTs such as “The Nights That I Miss You” (널그리는밤”) for Angel’s Last Mission k-drama in 2019. L has created a name in the music industry especially after his “It’s All For You” track which he wrote and produced in 2018. ‘L has appeared in various notable K-dramas including Master’s Sun (2013), The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019), and Numbers (2023). In addition to hosting the 2022 Changwon K-POP World Festival, L released a 2-parts L’s Bravo Viewtiful photobook in 2013. L has won various awards including the Global Star Award in 2022 at the Korea Drama Awards.


Lee Hyun Jae


3. Lee Hyun Jae

Famously known as Hyun Jae, Lee Hyun Jae, played Jang Do-il; Eye Candy band drummer and the son of a high-ranking mob boss. After Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, this model-actor-musician went on to act in other television series including Reckless Family (2013), Song of Phoenix (2016), and Please Find Her (2017) among others. Hyun Jae graced the Real Hero (2015) television show as a guest. He was also cast in several films including the famous Chinese films, Tiny Times 3 (2014) and Tiny Times 4 (2015). Hun Jae also appeared in The Old Cinderella 2 (2015) and Movie Master of Pretending (2016) films. Unlike other Shut Up: Flower Boy Band fellows, Hyun Jae has maintained a low profile in the entertainment world, especially in the acting arena, over the last 5 years. Nonetheless, Hyun Jae recently exchanged vows with the love of his life and graced some notable modeling gigs.


Yoo Min Kyu


4. Yoo Min Kyu

Yoo Min Kyu played Kim Ha Jin; Eye Candy band bassist and a notorious playboy. Min Kyu appeared as a guest in Maters’ Sun (2013) drama in which his mate L also acted. Min Kyu also starred in other television series including Shining Romance (2013), Be Arrogant (2014), Queen for Seven Days (2017), and Black Dog: Being A Teacher (2019). Min Kyu was also cast in the Ensemble (2020) film, Monday Kiz’s “You” (2013) music video, and Kisaragi Miki-chan (2012) theatrical performance. Min Kyu’s popularity has been on the rise, especially with his latest appearance in Mr. Queen K-drama released in 2020.


Kim Min Seok


5. Kim Min Seok

Kim Min Seok played Seo Kyung Jong; Eye Candy band’s kind and funny keyboard guy. After Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Min Seok went on to act in other television series before landing a role in the hit drama, Descendants of the Sun (2016). Min Seok has had a successful life in the entertainment world which has seen him appear in notable television series, web series, television shows, and films. Min Seok has starred in The Doctors (2016), Because This Is My First Life (2017), Delivery Man (2023), Heart Surgeons (2018), and A Good Day to Be a Dog (2023-2024) television series. He also appeared in Lovestruck in the City (2020) and Shark: The Storm (2023) web series as well as Long Live Independence (2021) and Empty Nesters – Suri Suri Village Suri (2023) television shows. In addition to hosting Inkigayo (2016-2017) TV program, Min Seok starred in Han Seung Yoon’s “Lovender” (2022) music video and Shark: The Beginning (2021) film. Min Seok has been recognized for his acting through various awards including 2 Best New Actor awards in 2017, the Best Entertainer award (2016), and the Breakout Actor award (2017). In October, it was confirmed that Min Seok will be starring in an upcoming horror movie, Noise, alongside Lee Sun Bin. The movie is set to be released in the second half of 2024.


Jo Bo Ah


6. Jo Bo Ah

Jo Bo Ah might not have been an official part of the Eye Candy rock band but she was a main character that heavily entangled with the boys in the Shut Up: Flower Boy Band series. Jo Bo Ah played Soo Ah; a kind-hearted daughter of a wealthy family that had gone bankrupt. The Shut Up: Flower Boy Band series elevated Bo Ah’s popularity accrediting several high-rank act roles including in The Kings’ Doctor drama which aired later that year. In 2013, Bo Ah hosted Mnet’s M Countdown show alongside Kim Woo Bin and starred in her first film, Innocent Thing, in 2014. Since then, Bo Ah has appeared in various television series including My Strange Hero (2019), Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 (2023), Destined With You (2023), and several television shows such as Battle Trip (2017), and Europe Outside the Tent (2023). This legend has hosted several events including the 2020 KBS Drama Awards, starred in music videos including Chungha’s “Everybody Has” video, and acted in web series such as Love Cells 2 (2015). In addition to winning several awards, Bo Ah was the National Tax Service’s Public Relations Ambassador in 2022 and even received a Presidential Commendation state honor for it. Bo Ah ranked 29th in Forbes Korea Power Celebrity 40 in 2019. With Bo Ah’s ensuing web series, Hong Rang, scheduled for 2024, the K-drama fan world is in an excitement frenzy.


Jung Eui Chul


7. Jung Eui Chul

Jung Eui Chul played Yoo Seung Hoon; the pianist and leader of Strawberry Fields band which is Eye Candy band’s rivalry. After Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Jung Eui Chul made a cameo in Vampire Prosecutor (2012), a guest role in Cheese in the Trap (2016), and starred in Buzzer Beater (2017). Since then, Eui Chul has maintained a low profile in the entertainment world. Nonetheless, this icon showcases his love for basketball and travel throughout his social media platforms.


Lee Min Ki


8. Lee Min Ki

Lee Min Ki played Joo Byung Hee; the charismatic original leader of Eye Candy who died after being hit by a truck minutes after a fight with the rival Strawberry Fields band. After Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Lee Min Ki appeared in other dramas including Because This Is My First Life (2017) alongside his mate Kim Min Seok. Min Ki also starred in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018), The Lies Within (2019), Oh My Ladylord (2021), and My Liberation Notes (2022) television series among others. Min Ki went on to star in the Look at Me (2023) web series and in several films including Monster (2014), Shoot Me in the Heart (2015), Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead (2018), and Decibel (2022). In addition to appearing in Han So Hyeon’s “I’m Sorry” (2013) music video, this actor-model-singer also featured in the “Those Days I Had with You” and “Everything” hit singles alongside 3rdcoast in the same year. Lee Min Ki’s latest appearance in the trail-blazing Behind Your Touch (2023) television series has skyrocketed his popularity on a global scale.


—-Karen Mwenda


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