Where Are They Now – Male K-Pop Groups Edition

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When K-Pop idols debut, there are a wide range of variables that can affect the future of their careers. Some K-Pop groups might last a decade or more, while others seem to fizzle within a year or two of their debut. And, with that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the leading Male K-Pop groups that have disbanded and see where they are now.


Where Are They Now- Male K-Pop Groups Edition

INFINITE- INFINITE debuted in 2010 as a 7-member group with their first mini album First Invasion. Individualized by their unique concept, suits and vintage punk, INFINITE quickly became popular as album sales increased. They didn’t last long as a 7-member group when Hoya decided to go solo in 2018. The remaining six INFINITE members released a new album, Top Seed, the same year, and it debuted at number four on Billboard’s World Albums Chart.

Teen Top- similar to INFINITE’s success story, Teen Top debuted with 6 members yet with a much catchier pop sound. In 2010, they were nominated for the “Best New Group” and “Best New Male Artist” awards at MAMA and, in 2013, won the “Single Album of the Year” award at the Golden Disk Awards for It’s. then, Teen Top became a 5-member group in 2017 after L. Joe ended his contract. Today, the remaining 5 members of Teen Top are creating new music and promoting as a group even during the pandemic.

EXO- one of the largest male K-Pop groups, EXO debuted with a 12-member line-up made up of Chinese and Korean members. The members were divided into two sub-units, EXO-K (Korean) and EXO-M (Mandarin Chinese). This enabled them to promote their debut album separately in both countries. EXO was nominated for and claimed several awards, including “Best New Asian Artist Group” at MAMA. However, the group lost several of its original members. Luhan, Kris, and Tao all left the group and filed lawsuits against their agency. Today, they have achieved solo success, while the remaining members of EXO released their first full-length Japanese album, Countdown, in 2018.

B.A.P- just like EXO, B.A.P.’s debut was strong. Their tough, bad boy image set them apart from many of the “pretty boy” K-Pop groups at the time. Their debut EP, Warrior, sold more than 10,000 copies within two days of release. In 2014, not much was heard of from B.A.P and fans thought that they had disbanded. In reality, they were taking a break while trying to nullify their contract. Even though B.A.P has undergone many concept changes, their tough look and sound remained the same.

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