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Korean fashion articles are written about the latest trends and styles in the Korean fashion industry. These articles may be published by a variety of sources, including online news websites, fashion magazines, and blogs, and they may be written by journalists, fashion industry professionals, or fashion enthusiasts.

Korean fashion articles may cover a wide range of topics, including the trends and styles that are popular in South Korea at the moment, the designers and brands that are leading the way in Korean fashion, and the fashion events and happenings that are taking place in South Korea. These articles may also include interviews with fashion industry insiders, street style photography, and tips and advice for incorporating Korean fashion into your own wardrobe.

If you’re interested in Korean fashion and want to learn more about the latest trends and styles, Korean fashion articles can be a great source of information and inspiration.


Summer Korean Fashion Trends for 2019

Korean beauty and fashion market are taking over the world. Apart from the US and European scene, Korean fashion is currently the trendiest one. The difference in culture brings different fashion orientation and styles that have become very popular...
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KCrush Interview with Beauty Director & Hair Designer, Oh Min

Oh Min has been a dominant driving force in the Korean hair industry as the top hair designer and beauty director, for the last few decades.  Since 1984, Oh has worked and directed over 45,000 major fashion shows and events in Korea and various...
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