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Boys Over Flowers is a 2009 Korean drama based on Japanese shōjo manga Hana Yori Dango, created by Yoko Kamio. It is also the best-selling shōjo manga of all time. With its popularity, several drama adaptations have been made: Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean and a Chinese version

Boys Over Flowers is a classic that is practically required viewing for any kdrama fan.  It tells the story of Geum Jan Di (Goo Hye Sun) as she attends a prestigious high school and gets involved with F4, the most popular guys at school.  F4 consists of leader Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho), Yoon Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong), So Yi Jung (Kim Bum), and Song Woo Bin (Kim Joon).  They’re rich, good looking, and they rule the school.  But Jan Di won’t put up with it, and by standing up to them, she quickly draws the affections of arrogant Goo Jun Pyo and the knight in shining armor Yoon Ji Hoo.  A lot of relationship drama ensues.


Geum Jan di played by Gu Hye Sun

Our lovable Heroine. She is a young lady who is protective of her friends and family which is what initially gets her targeted by F4. Her kind personality attracts both Jun Pyo and Ji hu to her. She is a balanced person who stays true to herself, though she has a stubborn streak.  The only real change that occurs is that she understands Pyo and develops love for him.


Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho

The leader of F4, a bad boy but with a soft heart. After his father passes away, he inherits and begins to run the Shinhwa Group along with his mother. When he was eight, he was kidnapped by his own driver. The car crashed and plunged into a lake, and from then on Jun Pyo had been afraid of swimming.  He starts out in the series as an arrogant jerk who does not care for the feelings of people around him. His personality is softened by his feelings for Jan-di.


Yoon Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong

The sole survivor of a car crash that killed his parents when he was a child and the grandson of a former president. He seems to always be around to help Jan-di when she needs it. But he was very unlucky in love. He was a nice gentle and also mature character. In the end, he becomes a doctor like Jan-di. One little girl calls him “Doctor Prince.” He, Jun Pyo, and Jan-di make up the main love triangle of the series.


Song Wu bin Played by Kim Joon

He is the last member of F4, and the heir of a construction company, he has a caring and helpful personality.


Romance in the drama

1. Jandi and Jun Pyo:

Gu Jun Pyo fell in love with Jan-di which was really unbeatable because Jan-di fell in love with Ji Hoo but she had a true love with Jun Pyo. When she went on a date with Ji Hoo she had all memories of Jun Pyo because she missed him a lot. There may be a problem between them but he truly loves Jan-di from his heart. First of all Jan-di did not like Ju Pyo, she says that she hates his hair style and his behavior, but he changes everything only because of her. The love has changed Jun Pyo from his arrogant character to a sweet person.


2. Ga Eul and Yi Jung 

Somewhere in the middle of the series, Jan-di’s best friend gets familiar with the F4 boys and when Yi Jung helps her out, Ga Eul falls for him. Ga Eul helps Yi Jung get over a past love and he returns the favor. Both know what it’s like to loose someone you care about even if you act like it was no big deal. The two of them are searching for someone to understand them and to love and be loved.


What I think?

The story is full of drama and suspense. While this can be a little overwhelming at times, I found myself wishing that they could just have a happy ending after all! I think this is because the characters are so likable. Every character, no matter how short the role, has some depth attached to it, and is far from insignificant. That is one of the best things about this show. The characters are all very strong, and wonderfully written, especially the protagonists. They have shown relationships in a very beautiful and tender manner. The brother sister consanguinity, the connection among childhood friends, the kinship of soul-mates. Boys Over Flowers is not a story of a rich boy who falls for a common girl and they live happily ever after. No, it is a lot more than that. It is a story about love, friendship, loyalty, loss, responsibility, difficult choices, and growing.


—-Lotus Hagar


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  1. Cheyenne Cremeans says:

    My first Kdrama ever! My sister had originally read the Japanese Manga and years later I watched the drama and had no idea they were the same story. Crazy how time flies. I watched this in 2012. How time flies.

    Good memories, but this drama has some really scary themes too like bullying and men being aggressive towards women. It’s really good to look back on and think “was this actually romantic?”.


  2. Tina says:

    I watched Boys over Flowers kdrama yes there were issues re bullying,hints of rape,suicide etc etc and those condescending remarks. And oh the Queen nasty mother. I’ve watched the Japanese version and now Meteor garden

  3. Bimani hettiarachchi says:

    Boys over flowers is a best Korean drama I have ever seen in my life 🥰❤️my fav actor and actress gu jun pyo and geum jan di❤️❤️my favourite Korean drama ❤️❤️boys over flowers is a story about love, friendship, loss, responsibility and loyalty 🥰❤️best Korean drama ever 🥰❤️

  4. me gusta mucho junpyo los amo a todos pero quiero más a junpyo quiero que vengas a mi pueblo se llama tepetitan San visente colonia Fátima quiero ver una foto ti junpyo y adónde vives

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