YG Artists to Appear on US Shows, Coachella, SXSW

February 7, 2019 | 3010 Visits


YG Artists to Appear on US Shows, Coachella, SXSW

Fans of BLACKPINK and iKON will have their chances to see their bias groups perform state-side. BLACKPINK to Perform on GMA, The Late Show, Coachella BLACKPINK, who are in the middle of the first leg of their BLACKPINK 2019 World Tour in Your Area,...
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Korean Shows Remade in the United States

Thanks to the Korean Wave crashing upon US shores, more people than ever are exposed to what Korean pop culture has to offer. From fashion to music, Hallyu has become more in-demand for Westerners, and not just for teens and 20-somethings. Now that...
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Top 20 Chinese Shows On Netflix

When it comes to the movie industry, the Chinese do it differently. Each show is unique in its own way and there is nothing similar to the Western type of production. With a high-rising entertainment industry, the Asian countries are rapidly...
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(G)I-dle’s “Hann” Shows Group is Here to Stay

On August 14, 2018, female rookie group, (G)I-dle released their second single, “Hann” (Alone). When the Cube Entertainment group debuted May 2, 2018 with the I Am EP and lead single “Latata,” (G)I-dle—made up of members Miyeon, Minnie,...
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Is Korea Obsessed With Survival Audition Shows?

South Korea isn’t just known for advanced technology systems, their entertainment industry also plays a big role. Even though Kpop had a huge era back in 1990’s to early 2000’s, it wasn’t until 2007 where they gained a lot of attention...
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Why your favorites might not win on music shows?

For some reason, fans have become obsessed with the idea of their favorites winning on music shows and have begun to idealize the concept. The highly sought after win for some means a group has ‘made it’ and have lowered their risk of forced...
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Opinion Piece: Are shows like Produce101 needed?

It can be extremely hard for a trainee of any company to reach debut and stay popular enough that disbandment isn’t always a possibility. It seems like many companies have fallen into a pattern of letting the fans decide who makes it into a group....
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Miss A Shows Many Colors

Miss A released their seventh project, Colors, March 29, 2015. The six-song mini album provides a look at the different sides of Miss A while staying...
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Top Korean Variety Shows

Running Man First aired on July 11, 2010. The show is considered as urban action variety and there hadn’t been a show like this before so the idea was very unique and it instantly became a hit. The members and guests have to complete missions to...
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MuzikAzia Shows Promise

On September 13, 2014, Muzik MuzikAzia is a new Spotify-type site that focuses solely on Asian music./via MuzikAzia’s Facebook. Azia, a new music streaming service specifically for Asian music, officially opened.  Described as Spotify for...
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A Talk Shows HyunA is More Than a Pretty Face

HyunA’s A Talk came out July 28, and it’s something to talk about! HyunA is mostly known for her sexiness and for her work with 4Minute, and for many non-KPop fans, her appearance in Psy’s “Gangnam Style.” Although she’s had quite a few...
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