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April 18, 2015 | 1845 Visits

Miss A released their seventh project, Colors, March 29, 2015. The six-song mini album provides a look at the different sides of Miss A while staying true to who they are. Sadly, the album seems lost among many of the stories about them from Suzy’s announcement that she’s dating Lee Minho, and Say A and other K-Pop fans tossing around accusations that the rest of Miss A are bullying Suzy. However, if people actually focus on the music, they may find Colors is worthwhile and more interesting than the supposed scandals surrounding the group.

The album opens with the R&B track “한걸음.” The song provides a more mature sound for Miss A. The beauty of “한걸음” is how it utilizes their huskier vocals well. Jia, Fei, and Min, especially, stand out as star performers. R&B is a style that doesn’t seem to fit Miss A because of their poppy, dance-tracks they’ve had in the past, but the style leaves a listener hungry for more because the vocals are sensual without being overtly sexy. “한걸음” is a great opening track.

“Only You” is the lead single for the Colors, and while it’s a good song, Miss A plays it safe. It has all the elements to make it a hit song with a nice dance beat and easy-to-recall lyrics. It has hints of early 1980s sound, which adds to the appeal. However, it sounds more like a potential debut or second single than a single from an established group. Suzy, too, at times, sounds thin vocally, which throws the dynamic off a bit. Throw in the random male screaming in the instrumentals, and there’s a lot going on in “Only You” that feels strange even though it’s an overall decent track.

Track three, “Love Song,” is fairly simple and one of the best songs on Colors. Fei and Jia drip sensuality, while Min’s vocals add a different layer of richness. The instrumentals also add interest to the track along with hints of mystery. It was a great choice to promote “Love Song” along with “Only You” during the first week of promotions because the two together show Miss A’s depths as a group. However, “Love Song” is much better than “Only You.”

Another addictive track is “녹아.” If anyone remembers late ‘90s music in the US, this song will speak to you as there are twinges of Monica, Brandy, and Aliyah in the beat. Throw in Miss A’s sweet vocals, and hints of traditional Asian sound in the instrumentals, and you have a song that truly has global flair! At times, the high notes feel wrong for Miss A because lower tones are more fitting, but the overall beat and simplicity make the song fulfilling.

“I Caught Ya” brings in some Motown vibes with some 70s sound. The old-school vibe provides a nostalgic feel to this otherwise upbeat song. The catchy beat and hook with “I Caught Ya” makes the song worth listening to over and over again. What’s interesting about “I Caught Ya” is how the girls’ vocals blend well while the listener is able to determine who is who. The song has a strong amount of soul that helps with the enjoyable nature of the song which makes it another top track.

The album wraps up with “Stuck,” which is the perfect ending since the album started with a slower track. “Stuck” has a strong sense of femininity associated with it, almost to the point where the listener can feel Miss A’s vulnerability. There’s almost a childlike innocence with the song that makes it so memorable and sweet, putting an exclamation point on the album’s end.

Colors was a nice return to the music scene for Miss A. Colors easily has many hits on it, making it one of the standouts in K-Pop’s first quarter. Colors earns an A-.

— Joelle Halon

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