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When it comes to the movie industry, the Chinese do it differently. Each show is unique in its own way and there is nothing similar to the Western type of production. With a high-rising entertainment industry, the Asian countries are rapidly becoming strong rivals to Hollywood, especially when it comes to producing shows that are appealing to the wide and mass audiences. One particular Asian country that is making a boom in this department is China. Seeing the potential of this particular country in the production of the TV shows, Netlifx saw the opportunity to embrace this expanding trend and widen its selection of foreign titles. As the number of available Chinese TV shows currently streaming on Netflix is huge, we have composed a list of the top 20. From history to drama, the current selection has everything for everyone. They are interesting, addictive and very different from what the regular audience is used to. Well, of course, if you are open-minded and willing to see how the others outside Hollywood do it. Take a look!


  1. Day and Night (2017)

This detective drama revolves around a former Criminal Investigations captain Guan Hongfeng who is working on clearing his brother’s name for a murder charge. While on that mission, he constantly swaps places with his brother while solving brutal series of murders.


  1. Meteor Garden (2018)

The romantic comedy set in Shanghai, follows the story of Dong Shancai, a beautiful heroine starting her studies at a prestigious university and meeting handsome men along the way. While determined to achieve her university dreams, she unexpectedly finds love.


  1. Empresses in the Palace (2011)

This historical palace drama is set in the time during Qing Dynasty and the main actions are around the harem of women of the Emperor Yongzheng in the time between 1678 – 1735. It focuses on teenage girl Zhen Huan as she enters the palace, followed by betrayal, treachery and corruption.


  1. The Rise of Phoenixes (2018)

The costume drama, based on a novel by Tianxia Guiyuan, is set in ancient China. One secret from the past is coming to light and a court scholar must choose between getting a revenge for family or a prince she loves.


  1. Here to Heart (2018)

The romantic drama series follows the love story, resentments, re-building the trust and rekindling the love of a man and a woman after a separation of 10 years.


  1. Diamond Lover (2015)

A young man, named Mi Duo, was obese all of his youth, suffers an accident that results in losing lots of weight.  His new body and appearance later lead him on an adventure in working for his secret crush – a CEO of a diamond company Xiao Liang.


  1. The Legend of Bruce Lee (2008)

The drama series covers the life and famous career of the martial arts icon Bruce Lee.


  1. King’s War (2012)

Set in the 210 BC, this is a story of two warriors who are fighting for control of the Chinese empire.


  1. Lian Ai Xian Sheng (2018)

A romantic love story about a dentist, who always has time for helping others find love, but has never been in love. Until, one day, at his workplace arrives someone who deals with heartbreakers.


  1. The New Legends of Monkey (2018)

In order to save the world from evil, a girl sets free the Monkey King, a god that has been trapped in stone for a long time. Her mission is to find the seven sacred scrolls.


  1. A Chinese Odyssey: Love You a Million Years (2017)

This series is an adaption of the same called movie series and it is based on the fantasy theme involving the mystic Monkey King.


  1. Tientsin Mystic  (2017)

The combination of drama, crime and sci-fi present the plot of the policeman, leaving and working in a mystic river town while he fights to save his people from the deadly magic.


  1. My Only Love Song (2017)

A top actress experiences a setback and discomfort while working on a shooting. Leaving everything behind, she embarks on a time-traveling journey in an old van.


  1. When A Snail Falls In Love (2016)

Ji Bai, the team leader of the Violent Crime Unit is working together with a new intern Xu Xu, who specializes in offender profiling. While working together on solving crimes, they begin to develop feelings for each other.


  1. What Is Love? (2012)

While looking for a monogamous and romantic relationship, a 32-year woman meets and falls in love with a bad boy who only believes in one-night stands, instead of long-term relationships.


  1. Qin Empire: Alliance (2012)

Duke Xiao, the Qin state ruler recruits a statesman to help him enforce reforms in Western China and transform it.


  1. Sunshine (2018)

After an incident in 1871, a young boy ends up living in the US. His decision to return to Korea at a very historical moment leads him to a noblewoman and he falls in love.


  1. Ice Fantasy (2016)

Off to an adventurous journey to a sacred mountain, the Ice Tribe prince gets into a war with the Fire Tribe. The story develops as he learns that the leader of the Fire Tribe is his long lost brother.


  1. Singles Villa (2015)

Two young people, sharing the same luxurious residence, fall in love despite the firm rules that forbid any kind of romance. Not following the rules, they enter a secret relationship.


  1. Be With You (2015)

Two sisters find themselves in a situation where their life is being completely changed. Involving a reconnection with their childhood loves, they experience intrigue and unexpected revelations.



As Netflix continuously gains rights over more and more Chinese series, it is only a matter of time when this list will be much longer and the options will be more diverse. Meanwhile, enjoy these highly rated shows and see for yourself while the Chinese entertainment industry is booming.




—-Maja Krdzic

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