Time to Listen to The Drive by Vince: A Standout Debut EP Review

November 21, 2023 | 1981 Visits


This is my time learning of Vince, but it wasn’t my first time encountering his work. You likely have listened to some of the famous hits he has contributed to as well such as SUNMI’s “Gashina”, LISA’s “MONEY”, and BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down.” Though he has released a handful of singles over the past few years, The Drive is his first EP Album. With a mix of R&B, hip-hop, soul, and pop, Vince truly displays his artistry and skill as a solo artist. Let’s dive into how the tracks rank!


Work: 8/10

“Work” is the first solo song I’ve heard from Vince. My first impression is positive! His vocals are smooth and warm. This is a track that I could listen to on loop. I love how the melody flows and the clean production. The chorus is simple, but with the fullness of the verse and pre-chorus, it needs to be! “Work” is well-balanced and a great opening track to The Drive.



About you: 8/10

“About you” is a great R&B ballad. I’m impressed, again, by Vince’s vocals. They’re so crisp, precise, and smooth. This track is laid back but has unique instrumental elements that keep it interesting to the listener. “About you” has a wonderful groove that had me bopping my head along to the flowing rhythm. If you’re a fan of falsetto, you’ll enjoy Vince’s vocal abilities in this song.


GET OUT: 9/10

What an energetic track! It’s so groovy, with an incredible bass as the star. This disco-based track is all you could ask for on a night out. It definitely makes you want to get up and dance! “GET OUT” is fresh and fun, and honestly the K-Pop world can use a little more of this sound! Because Vince isn’t sticking to what seems to be the popular pattern of solo artists, he stands above the rest as distinct. And that’s exactly what you need to do on a debut album! I’ve already shared this song with a friend. That’s when you know that this is a true bop!


Like That: 7/10

Another ballad, “Like That” starts with a soft piano and airy vocals. Make no mistake, not every artist can pull off a simplistic production, as it highlights any and all flaws in vocals or instruments. But Vince makes this effortless. It has a good melody and beautiful backing vocals. “Like That” doesn’t stick out as the best track on the EP, but it’s a necessary one as it breaks up the sound and gives a nice landing.


UUU: 9/10

“UUU” is a powerful track. The song immediately pulled me in as the tension built with each line. The production on this is top-notch, thanks to 24. 24 frequently works with BLACKPINK and the quality shows! Vince also collaborated with TEDDY to write “UUU”. This song combines rock and cinematic instruments. It’s an excellent explosion of passion. I can easily see this featured on a K-Drama OST. The way Vince’s voice commands you to listen to every lyric is impressive. THEBLACKLABEL released a music video for “UUU”. The black and white visuals are compelling and match the song perfectly. I believe Vince will get good attention with this track!


Emergency (Feat. Zion.T): 9/10

This might not be a new track to some, as it was originally released in 2020. “Emergency” is also Vince’s top streamed song on Spotify, with nearly 4 million listens. And it’s no wonder–this song is amazing. A mix of trap and R&B, “Emergency” is a real standout track on this EP. It shows Vince’s vocal range and ability–from soft, airy vocals to powerful, bold belting. Vince didn’t come to play with this song and it’s truly impressive. The feature of Zion.T was a great choice, and really elevates “Emergency” to the next level.



MENNAL (feat. Okasian): 8/10

“MENNAL” is a powerful exit to this EP. Vince’s skill is front and center, reminding you that he is worth remembering! With falsetto, rap, and breathy vocals, “MENNAL” is guaranteed to grab attention. Like “Emergency”, “MENNAL” was previously released in 2019. It’s Vince’s second most streamed track at nearly 2.5 million Spotify listens. “MENNAL” displays artistry and skill in the delicate and intimate vocals. The melody is catchy and is an easy song to press “repeat” on.


FINAL: 8/10

Vince is going to become a household name for me. I really enjoyed this debut EP. He is an artist who may have been behind the scenes for a while, but he has truly stepped into the spotlight with The Drive. I really hope others can be exposed to his talents as a solo artist as well. I doubt this is the last we will hear from him!


—-Ellie Boyd


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