Crush’s Wonderego Album Review

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Wonderego is a well-crafted album with 19 tracks, each having Crush’s signature on them. He was heavily involved in this project, from the lyrics to production, and this proves he is successful at his craft on multiple levels. Here’s how I rate each song!


New Day: 10/10

“New Day” is an intro track, with only 72 seconds! But what a great minute and 12 seconds it is. Crush enters confidently with his vocal groove and rap. It doesn’t take long to get excited to see what this talented artist is going to do in Wonderego.


Hmm-cheat: 6/10

With a pop style and R&B groove, this track is reminiscent of the early 2000s boybands like N*Sync. The harmonies, melody, falsetto, and synth especially call this to mind. It gives “Hmm-cheat” a retro feel that is fun and easy to jam to!


No Break (Feat. Dynamicduo): 6/10

“No Break” is an upbeat R&B track with a great feature via Dynamicduo. The rap is excellent and gives it an old-school classy feel. The melody is catchy and the lyrics are feel-good:

No break, we’re gonna slide into the morning,

Worries, just eat them up, don’t worry.

The steering wheel, a broken 8-ton truck for me,

No break, don’t care about nothin’ (Ooh)


Me Myself & I: 7/10

Crush shows off his vocal talent in this track. “Me Myself & I” is a chill melody with elements of soul and funk. The song explores the idea of how being alone is better than being with a toxic ex. Lyrics like “It’s gonna be me, myself, and I; switch it up and love myself this time” help listeners process the pain of a break-up and the victory of finally choosing to let go of the hardship and embrace who you are.


Satisfied (Feat. PENOMECO): 6/10

“Statisfied” is smooth and has a good groove, with great rap from PENOMECO. I really loved the use of the wind instrument near the end. Unfortunately, at this point in the album, this melody sort of blended in with the others, and it didn’t stand out too much.


Deep End (Feat. AMAKA): 8/10

AMAKA’s voice is the perfect match for Crush in this track. It’s a magical combination that makes “Deep End” feel light as a feather. So far on the Wonderego album, this has been my favorite feature. The harmonies and adlibs were truly next level together.


EZPZ: 7/10

The production on this track is great! With the fast beat, use of minimal instruments, and Crush’s rhythmic lyrics, it all works together so well! The song itself is carefree. The lyrics read, “Girl, you’ve been running through my mind / All the time that’s a sign get inside / Girl, I can make it easy, peasy, easy, peasy, easy, peasy / I think about you all the time.”


Nothing Else (Feat. Kim Ximya): 8/10

Though this track is only 70 seconds long, wow does it make an impact! It’s dark, mysterious, and haunting. Kim Ximya’s rap is direct and cuts to the core, making quite the punch! Catch the last verse:

You just gotta live with it

You just gotta believe it

This is the life I’ve been living

It’s nothing else

Even if everything is covered, I’m discreet

Caught up, body so sticky

Sick and tired

Just ordinary

It’s nothing else


GOT ME GOT U: 6/10

The first verse features slow echoing lyrics that lead into an EDM-styled instrumental with vocal samples and a strong beat. There are some house elements in this as well, making “GOT ME GOT U” a standout on Wonderego. It’s just as much instrumental as it is a vocal track, which is a nice song to help cleanse the pallet for what’s to come.


Bad Habits (Feat. LeeHi): 9/10

“Bad Habits” is a smooth R&B track that feels warm and delicate. The vocals are stunning in this and the melody is sweet. The lyrics are also meaningful, too, making this one of my favorites on the album.

In the arms of another different person

Once again, searching for you

I just wanna know why but I don’t know

At the end of another different love

Once again, falling in

Now, I know that’s my bad habits


Ego: 8/10

“Ego” is light and feels great to listen to. It has a soft groove and memorable rap and lyrics. So catchy and easy to vibe to! No wonder it was a single!


Ego’s Theme-Interlude: 7/10

This track is interesting in that it’s dark and mysterious whilst also sounding familiar. It’s a great instrumental break in the album.

A Man Like Me: 7/10

We’re back to retro R&B! “A Man Like Me” has the same vibe as some earlier tracks, helping to bring this album together. Crush’s vocals really stand out, and it’s all in English, too!


Monday Blues: 6/10

The song starts with some lo-fi vibes, but comes back to that R&B sound that is classic for Crush. It’s an easy listening track and though it’s enjoyable, it doesn’t stand out too much on this album.


You: 7/10

“You” has a great introduction with acapella harmonies and light instrumental. The vocals shine in this production. I loved the moments where the instruments died away and it was just Crush’s voice.


SHE: 7/10

“SHE” opens with the strumming of a guitar, making it an easy-to-recognize track on Wonderego. “SHE” is a tender ballad. With the vocals being paired with the guitar, it creates an intimacy that isn’t felt as much in other songs.


Harness: 9/10

“Harness” is another slower-paced track. It has a beautiful string section featured, which makes me feel like I’m in a ballroom while listening. This song calls your attention because of how different it is from the others on the album. The saxophone solo was a great touch, too.



For Days to Come: 6/10

“For Days to Come” is another nice slower track but it unfortunately is too similar to others on the album as far as style and sound, which makes it fall a little flat for me.


Remember Me: 8/10

“Remember Me” helps end the album on a good note. It’s upbeat, hopeful, and has a fantastic beat. I was bobbing my head along whilst listening. It’s a great song in itself, but was also perfectly placed as the cherry on top of Wonderego.


TOTAL: 7/10

Crush made a cohesive and jam-packed album! With 19 tracks, it’s amazing that he was able to compile them so well. This was the first Crush album I listened to all the way through and he definitely has my respect as an amazing artist!

—–Ellie Boyd


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