ATEEZ’s Stunning THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL Album Review

December 11, 2023 | 1811 Visits


ATEEZ is back with their second full-length album, THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL. This album has everything– hype tracks, ballads, hip-hop, rap, cinematic tracks, and dance grooves. ATEEZ only continues to thrive and show their talent with each new release. THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL is no different! Here’s how I rank each song.

WE KNOW: 8/10

“WE KNOW” ushers in the album with an interesting synth and an almost mysterious sound. This track is great to listen to because it’s unpredictable, with powerful vocals and bold rap around every corner. The chorus is a bit simple, but the song needs this easy-to-follow melody because of the explosive sound that surrounds it!


Emergency: 4/10

I was a tad disappointed by the chorus on this. It lacks a bit of originality in lyrics and melody. Hongjoong’s rap here is great, but the song falls flat for me coming right after “WE KNOW.”


Crazy Form: 9/10

“Crazy Form” shows all that ATEEZ excels at. With big rap moments and bold vocals, “Crazy Form” is insanely catchy. ATEEZ are unapologetic. Lyrics like, “We’re changing the game. Ayy, oh, ayy. We’re dancing every day” with the addictive beat is a clear sign that this group is here to fight for their place in the K-pop world!


ARRIBA: 8/10

The bass in this track is a star as it fuels so much of the song’s movement. “ARRIBA” is a track that seamlessly blends genres–with pop and Latin coming to the forefront. The rhythm in the song draws in listeners, and the unique beats help the track stay fresh.



Silver Light: 9/10

“Silver Light” opens with a static radio sound and then explodes into an electronic, haunting melody. The instrumental is reminiscent of synth-wave and gives a cyber-punk feel to the song. “Silver Light” is crisp, with plenty of amazing vocals and passionate lyrics. Take a look:

Those blue bruises

Come back and become a spark

So that nothing stains you

Burn it up far away, oh-oh


Follow me, silver light

Finally fly away

Piercing through the darkness into the light

Beyond that light

Shine on me, silver light

At last, rise up

Piercing through the darkness

Into the light, into that light


Crescent Part 2: 9/10

A stunning instrumental piece, “Crescent Part 2” creates a beautiful soundscape. With waves gently caressing the shore and the sound of a ship echoing in the background, it sticks within the world ATEEZ has created. Cinematic, “Crescent Part 2” invites listeners to stay within this world and keep listening!


Dreamy Day: 9/10

“Dreamy Day” carries on some of the instrumentation from “Crescent Part 2”. This track is uplifting and filled with caring lyrics: We capture this scene in our hearts, even if we have to wake up someday, all the memories never gonna fade away. With plenty of great vocal and rap moments, “Dreamy Day” is an anthem on this album.




And here come the unit songs! “MATZ” is in your face! With bold instrumentals and intense beats, Hongjoong and Seonghwa exchange confident rap throughout the track. It truly is a hype song! I love the line that says, “Two men, we’re on fire, it’s dangerous. We have chemistry that bursts, again, we turn up.” No truer words were spoken.



“IT’s You” is about impressing someone and the melody seems to follow this impression. With a mix of airy and bold vocals, the track is a wonderful display of each member’s unique contribution to the whole of ATEEZ.


Youth (YUNHO, MINGI): 7/10

This song opens with a retro R&B style. There’s a sense of comradery on this track that feels unique to the others, and that’s likely due to Yunho and Mingi’s genuine and long-held friendship. Their rap and vocals pair perfectly!


Everything (JONGHO): 9/10

I would expect nothing less than a stunning ballad as a solo track for Jongho. This apple-splitting vocalist is one of a kind, and truly remarkable in both his soft vocals as well as his powerful belts. Jongho has a special gift of conveying emotions so well, and “Everything” is passionate and emotional. There’s even a key change at the end!


FIN: WILL: 10/10

This track opens with the questions:

What does emotion mean to you?

Are you still tormented by the pain from the past?

Have you ever panicked and felt broken by sadness?E

Have you ever lost yourself in overwhelming fear?

Have you ever felt so down that you wanted to be alone in this world?


“FIN: WILL” truly displays ATEEZ’s mission to reach real people with their music. It feels personal, warm, and truthful. The drums increase and surge into a beautiful chorus of vocals and an explosion of cinematic sound. ATEEZ do cinematic like few others, and it’s truly their signature in the K-pop world.

FINAL: 8/10

This album was beautifully crafted. ATEEZ is such a special and needed group in K-pop, and I’m so thankful they’ve stayed true to their sound which is deep and powerful. I can’t wait to see what comes next! But until then, THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL will keep me listening on loop!

—-Ellie Boyd



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