Red Velvet Chill Kill Album Review

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This third full-length album from Red Velvet is a sonic adventure that truly displays the group’s evolution as professional artists. The incredible soundscapes created show their explosive dynamic as a collective and the lyrics of some songs provide a means for down-to-earth reflection. Red Velvet is unafraid to push the boundaries and break conventional molds. Chill Kill is a testament to their continual growth and artistry. Here’s how I rank the songs!

Chill Kill: 8/10

This song had surprises around every turn! It was anything but predictable. “Chill Kill” starts with a mysterious feeling–echoing vocals, anxious bass, and synths. But the chorus explodes with a positive and uplifting sound! It was likely just as much a shock to other listeners as it was to me! Hearing this song first made me extremely curious to see what the rest of the album would hold.


Knock Knock (Who’s There?): 9/10

This song almost feels like a melody from a music box and some have suspected that the song borrowed from Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”. I can see that possibility using the strings and haunting vocals. The lyrics are a bit eerie, too:

Knock-knock, open up the door

A gamе where we keep wandering around looking for each other

I’m falling more and more into it

It’s so bittersweet but I like the chase

Got a devil on my shoulder

A gently whispered voice

Like an angel, come to me

Starting again

Knock-knock, who’s there?


Underwater: 7/10

“Underwater” starts with a mesmerizing solo by Seulgi. This track has plenty of amazing harmonies, showing the power of the group’s union. The song feels ethereal and enchanting, helping listeners enter a soundscape that transports them to an underwater world.


Will I Ever See You Again?: 10/10

The melody of this song perfectly matches the question being asked in the title. The verse’s haunting echos and deep vocals reflect the fear in not knowing if you will see your loved one again. But the chorus explodes in a synth melody that is an absolute earworm. Be warned: this song is addictive!

Nightmare: 7/10

“Nightmare” is a great storytelling track. The waltz-like melody and use of bells transports listeners to a different place. Though the song’s title might feel more like Halloween, the chorus feels very much like Christmas. The highlight for me on this track was the rap– the rhythm is incredible.


Iced Coffee: 8/10

I really liked the soft entrance of this song. The ballad is so cute lyrically– “Cause you make me feel all this fantasy. I want more iced coffee.” Iced coffee truly makes me feel a rush so I love that Red Velvet compares this to being in love and being “up all night” from the caffeine.


One Kiss: 5/10

The beat in this song stands out, with its variety and the way it hustles the song along. The bass is also a standout in “One Kiss”. However, the song’s main melody falls a bit flat compared to other tracks on the album, making it easy to forget.


Bulldozer: 6/10

The groove in “Bulldozer” is great! It’s smooth and easy listening. I unfortunately feel like this one slides under the radar, too, as there are other songs on the album that are similar and more memorable. I do need to highlight the lyrics in this track, as they’re unique!

I’m a bulldozer

Hurry up when I give you a chance

I run away from what I see

I’m impatient

I’m your poet

I’m your pain

How to stop once you start

There is no such thing as a brake

I’m a bulldozer


Wings: 7/10

“Wings” opens with a delightful acapella harmony and uplifting melody. This track shows the vocal abilities of Red Velvet. The chorus is sweet as they sing, “Spread Your Wings, Butterfly!”


Scenery: 8/10

The last song on the album is a gentle ballad with an acoustic guitar and piano as the main instruments. This light instrumental allows listeners to hear the vocals much more easily, and wow are they worth listening to! Red Velvet is an incredibly talented group. “Scenery” feels sentimental and reflective.


Final: 7.5/10

Chill Kill is a lovely album to listen to. Each song is unique and brings something special to the table. Red Velvet delivered quite the full-length album here and proved why they’ve been so successful.


—-Ellie Boyd


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