The Lastest from Dynamic Duo: A Review of “Smoke” & 2 Kids On The Block – Part.2 Album

October 16, 2023 | 1229 Visits


Dynamic Duo is a seasoned Korean hip-hop group. Choiza and Gaeko debuted in 2004 with their album, Taxi Driver. This record became one of the best-selling Korean hip-hop albums of all time. They’ve done many collaborations in their years of music, from IU to Epik High. Their popularity and longevity in the music world is impressive. They recently dropped a mini album, and their song, “Smoke” has become a trending tune. Let’s explore both of these offerings from Dynamic Duo.

“HUNT” (feat. PSICK UNIV): 8/10

For those unfamiliar with Dynamic Duo, some of the rap style in this track is similiar to that of RM from BTS. It has that old-school flavor that is so great to listen to. “HUNT” has a chill beat and smooth groove, with great guitar riffs and occasional singing. The lyrics reflect on the duo’s earlier days as they were getting used to fame. The overall vibe is relaxing and reflective. Some of my favorite elements in this song are the driving bass line and syncopated drums. Gaeko and Choiza’s raps are excellent. You can sense how skilled they are as veteran artists. The hook is catchy, and the variety in instrumentation (chimes, piano, bass–to name a few) makes this a dynamic song.

“Tear drops”: 6/10

The rhythm of the rap on this track is upbeat and energetic. It’s an interesting contrast considering the song is called, “Tear drops.” However, once you know what the song is about, the melody completely makes sense. This is a story of someone treating romantic relationships lightly, being carefree while their partner is left in the aftermath of this nonchalant attitude. Here’s a peek at some of the lyrics: “I wanted something else, I just never said it / Someone younger, prettier, different than you…/ I’ll be okay if you break up with me”. The upbeat tune matches the attitude of the main character. It wasn’t completely my vibe, but I do think it displays great artistry.

“Smoke” (feat. Lee Youngji): 9/10

“Smoke” has been blowing up on the web. With so many dance covers, both formally on Korean tv and via Instagram/TikTok users, Dynamic Duo is reaching a wide audience. And for good reason, “Smoke” is an absolute hype song. It’s the perfect song to be featured on Street Woman Fighter 2. “Smoke” is all about self-confidence, resilience, and empowerment. The #smokechallenge has been circulating since September and has featured Kpop artists such as V, Jungkook, and Jay Park participating. The choreography by BEBE’s Bada Lee, paired with the sheer power of this track, made this the latest craze.


Final: 7.5/10

Dynamic Duo truly live up to their name. It’s not every day that you see this kind of longevity in artists. The fact that “Smoke” is absolutely blowing up and that they’re ten albums in is incredible. Just because they’ve been in the game a long time, doesn’t mean they still can’t keep up!


—-Ellie Boyd


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