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November 20, 2023 | 1239 Visits

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Stray Kids don’t miss! I had high hopes for their latest album drop, ROCK-STAR, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. Stray Kids brought their A-game and were as bold as ever! This group always has at least two or three hype tracks, as well as a sincere ballad, on their full-length albums. And don’t forget the incredible choreography that goes along with them. They met that quota on this album for sure! Here’s how I rate the album.



Opening up the album with a bassy track and Felix’s classic deep vocals, I was feeling ROCK-STAR from the first 10 seconds of this track! When that chorus dropped, I ascended. This song is an absolute bop and nothing shy of what Stray Kids is all about! Stank face out for the whole song: the vocals, rap, beat, and use of electronic elements were so perfectly executed.


“LALALALA” continues the hype from “MEGAVERSE.” I had seen clips of this song on Instagram for a while because of the dance that accompanies it. The rhythm, the way the track is never stagnant, the way it absolutely displays technical musicality and artistry. This song is another bold hit.


“BLIND SPOT” gives listeners a different sound compared to previous tracks. With an upbeat, optimistic, and lighthearted melody, this track has some championing lyrics:

They only look at the results and success

Blinded by our glowing process

What you see isn’t everything

Hidden in the blind spot

Show them what you’re made of

Your endless nights deserve a loud ovation

Shine bright and prove them wrong

‘Cause we can feel our progress

Stray Kids have worked hard to get to where they are, and Stay can celebrate their success with them!


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This song immediately caught my attention with the amazing rap in the first verse. And the rap line continues to shine in “COMFLEX.” The confidence is apparent and plays out in the bold melody and powerful, punchy beat. These lyrics are already stuck in my head:

Flexing complexes just com– (Flex)

Too bright, I’m so flashy (Ooh)

Different? No I’m unique (Ooh)

That’s right, I’m so classy (Ooh)

Nobody can stop me (Ooh)


Cover Me: 9/10

I like that this song isn’t in all upper case, almost as if saying this track will be more gentle. And that it is! “Cover Me” is a soft ballad, and is a welcomed heartfelt melody. This song truly shows how complex Stray Kids is as a group. They’re not just about the bangers–they can dig deep and create emotive music. I personally loved this track.

Leave: 6/10

“Leave” is a mellow track with a laid-back guitar as the lead instrument. The vocals plead, “Oh, baby, please don’t hurt me. Don’t make me cry. Though I still got love for you, and haven’t got over you yet, oh, baby, please stop for me. Don’t you cry anymore. This is the end for you and me. Yeah, we’re done.” Though these lyrics are sad, the track itself feels more uplifting than downcast.

Social Path (Feat. LiSA) (Korean Ver.): 9/10

This song feels like it belongs on a video game OST or at least on an anime soundtrack. It’s upbeat, catchy, and is a true anthem. Some elements feel retro, and the electric guitar really shines. LiSA was a wonderful addition, too. “Social Path” makes me want to take on the world! “Gave up my youth for my future!!”


ROCK-STAR - Stray Kids Album Review 3


LALALALA (Rock Ver.): 10/10

Wow. “LALALALA” in rock form really brings the fire! It’s just as hype as the original…if not possibly more!! The electric guitar, heavy drums, and bass just make this an absolute headbanger!


FINAL: 8.5/10

Stray Kids amazingly have lost no momentum. Many pinned “God’s Menu” as their peak, but this group has only continued to climb in success and hits. Stray Kids never cease to amaze me and ROCK-STAR is just another top-notch album from one of my favorite K-Pop groups. I’m excited to hear everything they release in the coming year because they keep getting better and better.


—-Ellie Boyd


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