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MCND (Music Creates New Dream) is a South Korean boy group formed by the company TOP Media in 2020. The group made their debut on February 27, 2020 with “ICE AGE”.

We would like to thank the five members of MCND – Castle J, BIC, Minjae, Huijun, and WIN for the great interview they’ve provided for us. We also wish them all the best in the new year!



Would you like to briefly introduce yourselves to our readers please.

Castle J: Hello, everyone! I am the leader and eldest member, producer, main rapper and super ultra best Castle J!

BIC: Hello – I am the mood maker of the group, BIC!

Minjae: Hi, I am Minjae of MCND. I am the main vocalist and I can display different types of charm through expressions, songs or dance depending on the music’s genre.

Huijun: Hello, I am Huijun, the attractive vocalist ~

Win: Hello. I’m Win, the youngest member of the group. Nice to meet you all!


Please introduce us to your latest album and single.

MCND: Our newly released second mini album <MCND AGE> is another extension to out first mini album [EARTH AGE] and the follow-up of our debut album <into the ICE AGE> and ‘SCHOOL AGE’ and a conclusion that arranges our outlook on the world.

[EARTH AGE] was about five boys from another planet Kepler-1649c that visited planet earth that they yearned for, <MCND AGE> is about us arriving on earth and announcing our ambitions to launch our very own generation. Through <MCND AGE>, you will be able to hear Hip Hop! Since this is an album that arranged our outlook on the world, our choreography and performance skills have vastly improved, so we’ll be able to enjoy being on stage with more ease.

Like its title, the single Crush is of Hip Hop elements and luxurious mood added to it. The single will introduce you to MCND who have transformed into Hip Hop villains. Please show a lot of love and support!


Tell us any stories or memorable incidents that occurred during recording or filming.

Castle J: We really pondered about which member would be singing the main for the hook of the title single. Then it was decided that me and Win would be the most appropriate. I also think if Huijun’s high note is added as the adlib, it would make a really cool song.

BIC: The most memorable part for me while filming was, when we were filming for the music video. There is a scene where I rip off a silver foil, which I felt really great about.

Minjae: The lyrics kept changing quite frequently, so it was both pitiful and cute of Castle J to seem so nervous.

Huijun: The tracks of this new album require a lot of high registers so it was really hard work. I am relieved that the results are so great.

Win: The vocalization of the actual recording and the live version were different, so it required a lot of practice to sing live, but we all worked really hard!



What kind of music do you normally enjoy listening to?

Castle J: Ariana Grande – 34+35, Juice WRLD, Marshmello – Come & Go

BIC: Victon – What I said.

Minjae: offonoff – gold (Feat. Dean)

Huijun: Ruel – courage

Win: Ruel – Face To Face


Which artist/musician do you have the most respect for and why?

MCND: Our role models our Shinhwa’s Andy and Eric, TEEN TOP, 100%, UP10TION and all the sunbaenims in the K-pop industry! We believe that there is always something to learn from people who perform on stage.


Who would you want to collaborate with the most?

MCND: If possible, we would like to work with all the K-pop artists that exist! We can’t just pick one artist to collaborate with.



What are your hobbies and interests outside of music?

Castle J: I enjoy playing games with the rest of the members and like to shop online!

BIC: I play a lot of video games and like to take a rest on the bed and chill.

Minjae: We all like to play games and watch videos on YouTube.

Huijun: We watch films and dramas a lot, and also play games.

Win: I’m watching a lot of documentaries these days.



Please add a nice comment for your fanbase, GEM.

Castle J: We really want to meet you all! Hope that we get to meet soon in great health! Please show a lot of love for our new album as well! We love you always!

BIC: Thank you so much for your continued support. We are cheering you on as well, GEM. Hope the coronavirus ends soon, so we can meet in person!

Minjae: We always miss you a lot! We’ll do our best to work hard to show you a great performance when we meet. Please show much love for our new single too!

Huijun: We can’t wait to meet you. We really want to perform for you guys. Please be patient.

Win: Our biggest hope is to showcase our performance to GEM. It’s a pity that we can only connect like this, in writing. We really wish we can meet you all very soon. I hope all this is possible in 2021. Thank you all so much.



Please let us know your plans and wishes for 2021. And thank you for your precious time. Have a blessed New Year!

Castle J: This year, we want to meet GEM and hold a concert and work hard to achieve all that. Happy New Year!

BIC: I will do my best to work to improve on my dancing skills and overall growth in 2021! I also want to top the music charts but most all, I want to perform on stage with GEM. Please keep fit and have a happy new year ~

Minjae: We want to be on the Top 100 chart! I want to write lyrics and compose too. Everyone, have a happy new year!

Huijun: We want to do a concert in front of GEM and promote MCND more. Please show us more love and support! Happy New Year!

Win: Happy New Year! I hope more people will get to be energized from MCND. I also want to perform on stage with an audience and I will try harder to improve on my rapping skills.




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  1. Yuli says:

    MCND is so cute, thank you so much for this interview

  2. Yasmine says:

    They’re so precious 🥺 thank u to take care of gems, we will always support you boys ❤️ We can’t wait to hear what Minjae could compose and write 🐻🎼 and to see you in a concert !!
    (ꪆ⌒◦⌒)ꪆ 🦊🦝🐻🐥🐰 ౧(⌒꤀⌒౧)
    우리는 엠씨엔디 너무 너무 사랑해용 ~

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    I love how passionate they are when they talk about their aspirations for their careers. I really feel very proud to be a gem ♡

  6. Meemee says:

    Love it.

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