SHINee dazzle at Dallas Fanmeeting

August 4, 2016 | 2785 Visits


SHINee dazzle at Dallas Fanmeeting

SHINee is easily one of KPOP’s most recognizable boy groups. Their appearances outside of Asia are extremely rare so it was a real treat for Shawols(SHINee’s fanclub) in Dallas when it was announced that SHINee would be holding a fan meeting...
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GOT7’s Fly in Dallas Concert

American KPOP fans were given a real treat when it was announced GOT7 would be bringing their Fly concert tour to the US after touring in Asia. GOT7 previously held a fan meeting tour in May of 2015, visiting 3 cities. For the Fly series 5 cities...
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Interview with Teen Top in Dallas

Teen Top recently finished up their U.S Red Point tour and we were able to sit down for a short interview with the boys at the Dallas date of their tour.  The group was very excited to be performing in Dallas for the first time. Q:...
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B1A4’s Recent Dallas Concert

Timed perfectly with a ‘UFO’ sighting in the US, B1A4 landed in Dallas on their B1A4 Great Adventure Tour for a special one-night-only performance November 8th. This special concert took place just one year after their last visit to Dallas and...
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GOT7 in Dallas

Following the successful NU’EST concert a week earlier, Dallas hosted another show, this time 7 member boy group, GOT7. This was a very anticipated...
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NU’EST in Dallas

NU’EST was the next group to visit Texas, the first of many visiting this state this summer. The 5 member boy group performed May 3rd at Gilley’s in...
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