Black History Month: Notable Biracial Celebrities

February 23, 2019 | 4288 Visits


Black History Month: Notable Biracial Celebrities

February is Black History Month, and it provides a chance to learn about and embrace black heritage and the various contributions made by black individuals throughout history. Of course, this includes Asians who are black. With many Asian countries...
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Two Korean Celebrities Revealed to have Passed Away

It’s a sad day in the Korean entertainment world as it has been revealed that two celebrities, Trot singer Jinhyung and singer-songwriter Maeng Yuna, have passed away. Both singers allegedly passed away due to heart attacks. Jinhyung (Lee...
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List of Deceased Korean Celebrities in 2018

Another year is passing us by, although it seems not too long ago that we considered 2018, a brand-new year. The year of 2018 has brought so many cases of ups and downs pertaining to various positive and negative financial, political, social issues...
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Korean Celebrities who are Biracial or of mixed Korean Heritage

Korean Celebrities who are Biracial or of mixed Korean Heritage   We’re living in the 21st century, but it’s still quite rare to find biracial or mixed celebrities of Korean heritage, active in the Korean entertainment industry. You’ll...
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Korean Celebrities Who Died of Tragic Causes

It would seem meaningless to state that there have been so many deaths of Korean celebrities (especially, during the last decade or so) due to suicide. For this article, I chose to list of the Korean celebrities originating from diverse backgrounds...
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Blood type Celebrities

Blood Type A People with the blood type A are generally known to be kind and compassionate individuals who regard others peoples’ interests and needs first. These people may seem calm from their outer appearance but they often suffer from turmoil...
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Korean Celebrities Who Share Names

Most Korean names (including the surname) consist of three syllables, although very rarely, some names would have two or four syllables. So...
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