HarryBigbutton And StarKillers Team Up For A Single

November 25, 2020 | 2097 Visits


Korean rock band HarryBigbutton recently released their latest single “Dawn of the Dead” that they collaborated with Russian rock band The StarKillers.

The two bands have been communicating online during the corona pandemic and recorded in their studios based in Russia’s Khabarovsk and South Korea’s Seoul. It’s also notable that Grammy winner John Davies at Metropolis Mastering completed the single’s mastering online.

HarryBigButton’s music is of heavy guitar riffs, distinctive rhythms and deep roaring vocals. The band is named after a slang for a vintage car stereo with big buttons.  See their great interview with us here!

HarryBigbutton has had two tours in Russia since the year of 2017, but this year’s plans to tour there was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

The “Dawn of the Dead” music video showcases footages of how two bands can work on the same track despite being so far apart from each other.




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