Top 5 K-Pop Boy Bands from 2010 to 2015

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Apart from EXO, Winner, Monsta X, GOT 7, DAY 6, and Seventeen (svt), the 2010 to 2015 half-decade was overloaded with beautiful melodies from the rising K-Pop stars. The K-Pop entertainment industry was yet again swept by the overwhelming outstanding chorographical, vocal and lyrical explosion, especially by the then newly formed boy bands. Compared to their female counterparts, the boy groups dominated the industry further spreading the Hallyu wave beyond Asia. Here are the most artistic and versatile boy groups that were formed and rocked the K-Pop world between 2010 and 2015.


  1. BTS



Over the years since its conception in 2010, the septet boy group has progressively been delivering record-breaking hits. Owing to the magically woven lyrics and beautifully crafted choreography in each hit, the band has not just wooed Asian fans, but has overtaken the world, and especially Hollywood, by storm. The fresh themes paraded through perfectly blended splash of colors, style and sophistication that effortlessly fuse with each hit’s trend further catapults the band’s eminence in the entertainment industry. Some of Bangtan Boy’s best hits during the half decade session from 2010 include “ I Need U”, ”For You” and “Run”, with some accompanied by Japanese versions. The band has so far received countless awards including the Best New Artist award in 2013, which was among its first rewards upon their debut. On account of their overwhelmingly proliferating international recognition, the band has in the recent years added an international taste to their music through lyrical content in other languages and diverse genres, among others.


  1. VIXX



Debuted in 2012, the “concept kings” have lived up to their nickname through unmatchable out of this world performances that leave a lasting impression on the audience. The now five member team band, after Hongbin kept in 2020 due to controversial comments on other K-Pop groups, was conceived from the myDOL show. It experienced its share of scrutiny early in its beginnings as their songs and videos were deemed as rather wanting. The band however, focused on its visual concept through choreography and storytelling, which has become the crew’s signature and has brought it good deeds. Some of its highest charted lyrical masterpieces include “On and On”, “Hyde” and “Voodoo Doll”, which comprised a dark, intense, emotional and well-crafted concept that left the audience craving for more. The “Chained Up” record-breaking hit; although birthed a controversy as their stylist was accused of promoting perversion over the shirtless suits, gave VIXX an international recognition, especially in the Western market. The boy band continues to skyrocket thanks to their concept signature.


  1. BTOB



Since its debut back in 2012, BTOB is deemed among the most stable veteran bands in the K-Pop industry despite the recent shuffling in and out of the military by its members. The septet veteran group fashions lyrical contents of diverse genres; including RNB and 90’s pop songs, and assorted themes; from intensively dark to lighter and conservative ones. “When I was your man” is among the group’s signature hits which highlights the band’s chemistry, especially owing to the live performance video. “Thriller”, “Beep Beep”, “It’s okay” and “Way Back Home” are other notable hits that saw the group’s prominence surge. The group’s shift to ballads from pop music has immensely given them recognition as a top ballad boy group and earned them numerous nominations, awards and top chart positions.


  1. iKON



Compared to other bands, the 6 member group is said to have a wider fan base internationally than in Korea. However, the band’s skills are highly rated, especially after competing in reality shows against Mix and Match and Winner. The group’s songs are mainly written by their leader B.I, who unfortunately is rumored to be leaving the group in mid-2021. “Climax”, “Love Scenario”, “B-Day” and “Killing Me” are some of the groups hit lyrical masterpieces that surged their success and fame in the K-Pop entertainment industry. Since their “i DECIDE” 2020 mini-album and the “why” single, iKON cameback late mid-2021 appearing on “Behind The Kingdom” Mnet shows engaging with the crowd online in preparation for the “Kingdom: Legendary War” competition show.


  1. B.A.P



The originally 6 member group was debuted under TS Entertainment in 2012. The band was and still is among the most recognized rookie groups in Korea in addition to a wide fan base outside Korea, especially through their first single “Warrior”. They are known for taking on subjects not spoken about before, i.e., mental illness through their “stories with meaning” videos. Unfortunately, in consequence of unavoidable circumstances the group went on hiatus after nullifying the contract with their company before settling the issue and coming back after a year, in 2015, with the “Matrix” EP. They engaged in various notable tours and reality programs that further spread their fame, all the while, fans working with them to make sure that their many charitable efforts were successful. However, the group officially disbanded in 2019 after all its members’ contracts expired, but fans are hoping they would reconsider coming again together as a group. The bond between the members still holds strong even as they individually pursue personal aspirations.

—-P. Earlkh

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