Binge-Worthy Black One of Netflix’s Best Drama Gems

September 5, 2018 | 3532 Visits


Binge-Worthy Black One of Netflix’s Best Drama Gems

If you love thriller crime dramas with hints of comedy, romance, and fantasy, then Black is one drama worth checking out immediately. If you are a fan of the US TV shows Person of Interest (2011-2016) or Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010), then Black is...
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Amazon’s Best 20 Asian Movies

20. Okja Okja is a science-fiction and drama film that was launched in 2017. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, the story is about a little girl (young Mija) and her big animal friend Okja, which is a superpig. One day, her pig is taken by multinational...
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The Best 15 Asian Movies on Netflix

Netflix is the movie lovers’ paradise because they can find the best of the best. In this article we talk about the best 15 Asian movies on Netflix. Fist of legend: The movie takes place before the outbreak of World War 2 as the Japanese...
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Korean Celebs who didn’t have the Best Year: Recap of Celebrity Mishaps in 2016

2016 will soon be over and as we look back, it would be safe to claim that this year definitely produced a lot of “ups-and-downs,” politically and socially in Korea. The Korean entertainment industry was no exception. We will reflect just...
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2015’s Best Debuts You May Have Missed

2015 gifted the K-Pop world with well over 100 group debuts. Of course, it’s safe to assume many of these groups will fade into obscurity if their names aren’t GFriend, OMG, iKON, Day6, or Seventeen among others. However, there were some...
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30 Best K-Pop Songs: Third Quarter

As we head into the fourth quarter of the K-Pop season, it’s time to look back on the third quarter and its highlight songs. The third quarter (July-September) gave us comebacks from BIGBANG, HyunA, 9Muses, Girls’ Generation, Infinite, Girl’s...
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Tips on the Best Way of Learning Chinese

As we all know that learning a foreign language, regardless of the language, requires keen interest and focus, as well as rapt concentration. It also requires more exposure to the language as much as possible. But still each language has its own...
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Incheon International Airport, currently rated the best airport in the world

If you’re ever planning to visit Korea – you’re likely to come through Incheon International Airport if you’re travelling from outside Asia.  In this article, I provide info on the best rated airport in the world, why and when the...
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1May AKMU in "200%"./ via YouTube

K-Pop Rookies January-June 2014: The Best and Most Notorious Debuts

K-Pop Rookies January-June 2014: The Best and Most Notorious Debuts Joelle Halon The first half of 2014 started out with a bang with major releases from EXO, Infinite, Girls’ Generation, and 2ne1. Often lost in the shuffle are the potential next...
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