Song Seung-Hyun Departs FTisland, Shifts Focus to Acting

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Breaking - Song Seung-Hyun Departs FTisland, Shifts Focus to Acting


FTisland has lost another member.

Song Seung-Hyun, the group’s guitarist, opted to not renew his contract with FNC Entertainment. The entertainment company announced Song’s departure via a statement.


Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

Our agency recently renewed our contracts with Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, and Choi Min Hwan of FTISLAND.

Regarding the direction of the group, we will speak with the members after all of them complete their mandatory military service. We will do our best to support the FTISLAND members so that they can continue to make music and partake in a variety of fields that bring out their individual strengths.

Member Song Seung Hyun will be ending his activities with the group when his exclusive contract ends on December 31. Song Seung Hyun, who has also pursued an acting career through plays, musicals, short films, and web dramas on top of his activities as FTISLAND, has decided to focus primarily on his activities as an actor following the end of his contract.

This decision was made after long and deep discussions with not only our agency, but the other members as well. Our agency and the members respect the difficult choice made by Song Seung Hyun, and we ask that you give your warm support and encouragement to Song Seung Hyun, who has been with us for the past 11 years.

Thank you.

Following Song’s departure, Song posted a letter to fans on Instagram.

Hello, it’s Seung Hyun. Before anything else, I first want to sincerely apologize again to all of our fans Primadonna who must have been surprised.

I joined FTISLAND as a new member for the Japanese indie album “I BELIEVE MY SELF” and started Korean promotions in February 2009. Since then, I’ve been so happy for 10 years to receive your love and be able to share love with all of you. Somehow it’s already been over 10 years.. I spent a really long time worrying and painfully thinking about this before I made this decision and I made this difficult choice through conversations with my members and our respect for each other. To be honest, I’m not sure what to say next.. I wanted to tell my fans this while standing in front of you, but I wasn’t able to do that, and so I once again apologize sincerely.

I’ll never forget my memories from when I joined FTISLAND. They were such senior artists to me, and I think I started off feeling pressure over whether I’d be able to do a good job, as well as feeling a nervous excitement.

I think it was all possible because I met my members. I was very lacking and naive, but they took good care of me and embraced me with love.

I didn’t want to cause issues for the team and I worked very hard so that our team could shine even a little bit brighter, and I think that’s been my driving force that’s allowed me to be together as a band member up until now.

Recently, our team has gone through a lot. Sad things.. good things.. I think there have been a lot of moments in my life with mixed feelings. I’ve been able to gather courage and finish our performances successfully all this time,

and I’ve been able to wait, and all of that and the fact that I’ve been able to come this far are because of our fans who wait and give me strength through their unconditional love.

At some point, the pressure I felt turned into nervousness. By the time I realized that the nervousness and uneasiness were gnawing away at me bit by bit,

I saw how my mind and body had become as exhausted as they could be and I felt loneliness and uneasiness.

This is a very difficult decision that I made after talking for a long time with the members and agency staff, but I was so fearful over the thought that there will be definitely be fans who are disappointed by me because of my choice.. Also the biggest thing I feel is sorry.. I’ve had mixed feelings that I can’t express in words.

However, this time I’m trying to gather the strength and look back for myself, Song Seung Hyun. More so than a work-related ambition over wanting to achieve a personal dream, I want to look back on my original self and console the parts of me that are hurt while recharging. After much worrying about it, I’ve made this decision with the mindset that I want to put in an effort just for me.

I was so happy. I’ve been so grateful. I’ll miss it so much. And I’m really so sorry. I think that during my time in FTISLAND, I dreamt the most amazing dream that no one could even dream of.

I was happy to be able to dream that dream together with all of you.

Now I’m going to work hard at going forward for myself. I’m not able to be with the FTISLAND members until the end, but I’ll be with them in spirit and hoping that we shine brighter and do well. I hope that we’ll be healthy in both mind and body, and that we’ll all become mature artists.

Thank you for reading my long post. And once again, I was really happy as FTISLAND’s member and guitarist.

Finally, Hong Ki, Minhwan, Jaejin. We really worked hard and did well! I think we did a good job at prevailing. I believe that you’ll become an even greater team in the future, and thank you for making memories in each and every moment that I will never forget.

Also, I sincerely thank our CEO Han Sung Ho too for supporting me so that I could join the team and keep working hard at our promotions all that time. Also, thank you to all of our FNC staff, you’ve worked hard.

Thank you.



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안녕하세요 승현 입니다. 무엇보다 먼저 갑작스러울 모든 프리마돈나 우리 팬분들에게 진심으로 다시 한번 사과드립니다. 일본 인디즈앨범 I BELIEVE MY SELF 그리고 2009년 2월 한국 활동을 시작으로 FT아일랜드의 새 멤버로 영입되어 10년이란 시간을 사랑받고 여러분들께 사랑을 나눠드릴수 있어서 너무나 행복했습니다. 어느새 10년을 넘어 그 이상의 시간이 흘렀습니다.. 저 또 한 이 결정을 내리는데 정말 오랜시간동안 고민하고 아프며 수많은 생각과 고민끝에 멤버들과의 대화 그리고 존중을 통해 힘들게 선택하게 되었습니다. 사실 뭐라 말을 이어가야할지 손이 떨어지질않습니다.. 팬분들 앞에서 이 이야기를 전해 드리고 싶었지만 그렇게 못한 점 또 한 다시한번 진심으로 사과드리고싶습니다. FT아일랜드라는 팀에 들어왔을때의 기억은 평생 잊지 못할것입니다. 저에겐 너무나 선배였던 그룹이였고 제가 잘 해낼수있을까란 부담감과 설레임으로 시작했던것 같습니다. 많이 부족하고 어리숙한 저를 잘 케어해주고 사랑으로 감싸준 우리 멤버 들을 만났기 때문에 가능했단 생각이 듭니다. 팀에게 피해를 끼치고 싶지않았고 우리 팀이 더욱 조금이라도 빛이 날 수 있도록 열심히 다시 한번 또 열심히 노력해서 밴드원으로 지금까지 따라오고 함께 할수있었던 원동력이 되었던것같습니다. 최근 팀에게 여러 일이 겹쳤었습니다. 슬픈일..좋은일.. 인생을 살아가며 여러 감정이 교차하는 순간이 참 많았던 것 같습니다. 제가 지금까지 무대에서 용기를 내고 무사히 공연을 마칠수있고 기다릴수 있었던건 그 누구도아닌 팬분들이 기다려주고 조건 없는 사랑으로 힘이되주었기에 지금까지 올수있었던 것 같습니다. 어느 시점부터 마음에 생긴 부담감이 긴장감으로 바뀌고 그 긴장감과 불안감이 저를 조금씩 갉아먹고 있다는 걸 느꼈을땐 이미 몸 과 마음은 지칠대로 지쳐 기대어도 기댄것 같지 않은 그런 외로움과 불안감으로 둘러쌓인 저를 돌아보게 되었습니다. 오랜 시간 전부터 멤버들과 회사분들과 이야기를 하며 정말 힘들게 내린 결정이지만 이러한 선택에 저를 보고 실망하시는 팬분들도 물론 계실거라 생각이 들었기에 두렵고 무섭고..그리고 가장 큰 마음은 미안하고..말로는 표현할수없는 여러 감정들이 교차하였습니다. 하지만 저는 이번엔 조금 용기를 내어 저 송승현을 위해 한번 돌아보려고 합니다. 일에 대한 개인적인 꿈을 이루고자하는 욕심 보다 원래의 저를 한번 돌아보고 아픈곳을 만져주고 보듬어주며 재충전하여 저만을 위해 한번 바라보고 노력해보고 싶은 마음의 고민끝에 이러한 선택을 하게되었습니다. 너무 행복했습니다.감사했습니다. 너무 많이 그리울것입니다. 그리고 정말 많이 미안합니다. FT아일랜드의 있는 동안은 정말 그 누구도 꿀수없는 가장 황홀한 꿈을 꾸지 않았나 생각이듭니다. 그 꿈을 여러분과 같이 꿀수 있어 행복했습니다. 이제 저를 위해 열심히 나아가 보려고 합니다. FT멤버들과는 마지막까지 함께 못 했지만 그 누구보다 마음만은 함께 하고 더욱 빛나고 잘되길 소원하며 마음도 몸도 건강하고 성숙한 아티스트로 다같이 거듭나길 바라겠습니다. 긴 글 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다. 그리고 다시 한번 FT아일랜드의 멤버로 기타리스트로 정말 행복했습니다. 마지막으로 홍기형 민환이 재진이형 . 우리 정말 열심히 잘 했다! 잘 이겨왔던것같아요 . 앞으로 더 멋진 팀이될거라 믿고 매 순간 잊지 못할 기억들 만들어줘서 고마워요. 그리고 팀에 들어올수있게 지금까지 열심히 활동할수있게 지지해주신 우리 한성호 회장님께도 진심으로 감사드립니다. 그리고 우리 에프엔씨 모든 직원분들께도 감사하고 고생하셨다는 인사드리고싶습니다. 감사합니다.

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The remaining FTisland members—Lee Hong Ki (who is currently serving his mandatory military service), Choi Min-Hwan, and Lee Jae-Jin—also posted supportive messages to Song on Instagram.



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사랑하는 승현이!! 앞으로 더 성장할 너의 꿈을 무조건 응원한다!!ㅎㅎ 너무 고생했고 많은 추억만들어줘서 고맙고 잊지말자!!ㅎㅎ 내일 보자 � 사랑한다 내새끼 ❤️

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In his post, Hong Ki said, “Our beloved Seung Hyun!! I’m definitely going to support your dream as you continue to grow!! You’ve worked so hard, thank you for making many memories with me, and let’s not forget them!! See you tomorrow. I love you, my kid.”



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그동안 울고 웃으며 10년이 넘는 시간 함께한 우리 승현이.. 돌이켜 보니 정말 많은 일들과 많은 추억들이 스쳐지나가네요. 다른 그어떤 말보다는 멤버로서, 또 친구로서 그동안 너무 고생많았고 고마웠고 사랑한다고 전해주고싶습니다. 우리는 승현이의 앞날을 언제나 응원하고 다시 우리가 함께 무대에 서는날을 기약하며 묵묵히 이자리 지키고 기다리고있을게요! 우리와 함께해준시간 너무 고마웠고 많이 사랑한다 승현아!!

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Choi said, “Our Seung Hyun who I’ve spent over 10 years with as we cried and laughed.. when I look back now, I see so many things that have happened and so many memories. The thing I want to say more than anything else is that as a member and as a friend, you worked harder than anyone during that time, I’ve been so grateful, and I love you. We’ll always support Seung Hyun’s future, and we’ll keep protecting this spot and wait as we remember the days we stood on stage together! I’ve been so grateful for the times we’ve been together, and I love you a lot, Seung Hyun!!”



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#행복하길�� #그동안 #수고했어 #내동생❤️� 갑작스런 소식에 많이 놀랐을 우리 팬들 걱정이 가장 앞서고 많이 미안합니다. 언제나 함께 하겠다는 약속, FT 잘 지켜달라는 부탁 지켜내지 못한 것 같아 마음이 무겁고, 그 마음을 이렇게 글로 전하게 되어 죄송합니다. 우리 승현이가 팀을 떠나 새로운 여정을 시작하려 합니다. 멤버로써 형제로써 긴 시간 승현이와 함께한 저는 당장의 헤어짐이 속상하고 마음아프지만, 오래 고민하고 내린 승현이의 결정을 응원해주고자 합니다. 항상 밝고 책임감 있는 모습으로 많이 수고해준 승현이에게 고맙다는 말도 전합니다. 얼마 전 상처가 아물기전에 또다른 이별을 겪게 되었지만 그 아픔은 잠시 미뤄두려 합니다. 누구보다 힘들 우리 프리마돈나, 그리고 승현이를 위해 우리 자리를 지키고 언제나처럼 굳게 나아갈 것 입니다. 그렇게 계속 우리로 남아 언제든 돌아올 수 있도록 함께 기다릴겁니다. 승현이가 떠날 새로운 여행에서 자신을 찾은 의미있는 시간 보내며진심으로 행복하길 바랍니다. 여러분도 저희와 함께 응원하고 기다려주세요. 추운 겨울 무사히 보내고 나면 더 따뜻한 봄이 올거라 믿습니다.

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Finally, Lee Jae-Jin posted a hand-written message:


To Primadonna,

I’m worried about our fans who must be very surprised by the sudden news, and I’m very sorry. It seems we weren’t able to keep our promise to always be together or your request that we protect FTISLAND, and so I have a very heavy heart. I’m sorry to be expressing the feelings in my heart like this in a post.

Our Seung Hyun is leaving the team now to start a new journey. As someone who has been with him for a long time as a fellow member and brother, I’m upset and my heart aches over us going separate ways right now, but I am going to support Seung Hyun’s decision, which he made after a long time of worrying about it.

I want to use this letter as an opportunity to once again say thank you to Seung Hyun, who has always been cheerful and taken responsibility and has always worked hard.

We’re going through yet another farewell before our recent wound has healed, but I’m going to put off that pain for now.

We will protect our spot and firmly go forward for the sake of our Primadonna who will be having an even harder time than anyone else and for Seung Hyun.

We will continue to remain like this and wait together so that he can come back at any time.

I hope that on the new journey that Seung Hyun is taking, he will spend a meaningful time finding himself and be truly happy.

Everyone, please support him and wait for him together with us!

I believe that after getting through a cold winter, a warmer spring comes.

I love you and thank you.

– FTISLAND’s Lee Jae Jin.


Hong Ki, Min-Hwan, and Jae-Jin renewed their contracts with FNC Entertainment.

Song is the second member to leave this year. Choi Jonghun left the group and retired from the entertainment industry following the KakaoTalk scandal with Jung Joon-Young. Choi was sentenced to five years in prison; he is appealing his sentence.

Song joined FTisland in 2009 after Oh Woo-Bin departed the group.

We wish Song Seung-Hyun the best in his actor career!



—-Olivia Murray

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