Five Asian-Interest YouTubers You Should Check Out

August 5, 2019 | 1804 Visits


YouTube is a great place to find videos on several different interests. With the rise of the Korean Wave also came the rise of channels that focus on Korean beauty, racism, Asian culture, and a variety of other topics including former idols who discuss their time in Korea. Many of these channels are worth checking out if you haven’t checked them out already! Here are some of our favorite channels you should watch right now.



Mikan is a 20-something female living in Japan. On her channel, she documents her life and experiences in Japan in her often fun, light-hearted videos. Her demeanor makes watching her videos enjoyable. Before you know it, you’ve wasted a few hours watching her content.

Mikan’s videos cover a lot of different topics from fashion college, tips helping fellow foreigners, and shopping. What works with Mikan’s videos is how relatable she is, and her first-hand experiences and tales provide a unique perspective into Japanese life.


Abroad in Japan

One of the perks of the channel is how Abroad in Japan’s videos are Travel Channel quality. While Mikan’s videos are more lighthearted, Abroad in Japan is more informative and have a travelogue feel.

Chris Broad dubs himself as the “British Guy in Japan,” and he takes people on a journey through the country using his sharp wit, some sarcasm, and informative storytelling skills. The videos are educational and provide interesting insights on the different aspects of Japanese culture and the country as a whole.


Dain Yoon

Dain Yoon is in a class all her own!

The artist behind the popular Instagram page DesignDain also shares videos on YouTube. On her page, she shares videos featuring her art and makeup skills. Her illusionist work tricks the eye and makes for great conversation, and watching the process unfold is even more mesmerizing!

While her page doesn’t have a lot of videos, those that are present provide some interesting views into the mind of this artist!


Grazy Grace/Grace TV

Grace, who is a former Unpretty Rapster 3 contestant and a former girl group trainee, has an insightful YouTube channel that explores different aspects of idol life, the “dark side of K-Pop,” K-Pop culture, and different elements of Korea. She candidly discusses topics such as harassment, plastic surgery, K-Pop diets, Korean nightlife, and even how other groups act backstage and off-camera.

Grace delivers her content in a no-nonsense way and tends to “keep it real” while not revealing too much as not to reveal any identities about people, companies, and managers she’s worked with in her career. Her unique, first-hand perspectives do show the pros and cons of idol life, and her videos are eye-opening for anyone who thinks K-Pop is all glamour.



MissDarcei’s channel is full of quality content, and we love her for a variety of reasons: Her videos are fun and funny, she’s down-to-Earth, and she’s a Melanin Girl who tries Asian makeup trends as well as makeup and wigs from Asian brands, thus making her channel one of the most inclusive ones on this list.

Through her videos, Darcei does a fantastic job explaining the makeup t.rends she’s trying for a video, and her impressions are genuine. For example, even if makeup and looks don’t suit her, she still has fun with it and tries to find ways to make looks work. Her spunky, sunny personality enhances the videos as well

In addition to trying Asian beauty trends, Darcei also talks about other topics including her views on how Koreans view black people, dating, and cultural appropriation. Her channel is definitely one of the most well-rounded ones out there and worth checking out!

What YouTube channels do you enjoy for learning more about Asian makeup trends, fashion trends, and travel? Let us know! We’d love to review them.



—-Olivia Murray

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