Unpopular Opinion: Hated Black’s Ending? Well, You’re Wrong

September 14, 2018 | 25599 Visits


Unpopular Opinion: Hated Black’s Ending? Well, You’re Wrong

Note: The following post contains spoilers. Even though the drama Black ended in Korea a few months ago, it’s just now on Netflix for international audiences. Since it’s availability on Netflix, K-Drama lovers ignited old arguments regarding...
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Unpopular Opinion: OMG Banhana’s “Banana Allergy Monkey” Controversial or a Victim of PC Culture?

On April 2, 2018, an Oh My Girl sub-unit, OMG Banhana released the track “Banana Allergy Monkey.” On the surface, it’s a cute, quirky song about a monkey who loves bananas, but sadly, he cannot have bananas because he is allergic. The cute...
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Unpopular Opinion: EXP, Double-Standards, and Haterade

Warning: Some YouTube comments contain course language that may not be suitable for some readers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a group trying to break into the K-Pop world called EXP Edition (formerly EXP). The Columbia...
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Opinion: Makestar Fundraising is a Valid Option For Some Groups.

For those that don’t know, Makestar is a sort of crowdfunding site made for Kpop groups. Companies post a group’s information, usually about a comeback or item for sale, and allow fans to donate money with perks attached to higher donations....
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Unpopular Opinion: DR Music, What is Alex Reid to You?

On December 30, 2016, RaNia made their “Start a Fire” comeback with a mix of new and old members and a new name: BP Rania. As many K-Pop fans have surmised over the years, RaNia/BP Rania is a hot mess thanks to the revolving door of members and...
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Opinion Piece: Are shows like Produce101 needed?

It can be extremely hard for a trainee of any company to reach debut and stay popular enough that disbandment isn’t always a possibility. It seems like many companies have fallen into a pattern of letting the fans decide who makes it into a group....
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Opinion on Idol Rappers and SMTM

It seems like it has become standard for idol rappers to try out for the MNET tv show Show Me The Money after Bobby from the yet-to-debut YG group iKON...
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