Simple Korean Pumpkin Rice Cake Recipe

January 25, 2019 | 4567 Visits

The rice cake has a long history in Korean cuisine, which goes back thousands of years.

We’ll be introducing a very simple and basic recipe for baking (actually, steaming) a Korean Pumpkin Rice Cake (호박떡: Hobaktteok) that is made of non-glutinous rice powder and pumpkin.

This healthy and nutritious dish is said to be especially good for people with weak digestive systems and can be served as dessert for festive occasions like birthdays, memorials and anniversaries.

The below recipe is for 8 servings and the total heating time will cover approximately 50 minutes, making the total cooking time of just an hour or so. This recipe was put together by Professor Yoon Sook-ja who is the head of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food.


The necessary ingredients:


26 cm steamer,

18 cm stainless cake mold,

500 g (5 cups) of non-glutinous rice powder,

1/2 teaspoon of salt,

100g of sugar,

250g of sweet pumpkin,

8g of jujubes,

16 pumpkin seeds.

*Earthenware steamers are traditionally used but bamboo dimsum steamers can also be used for convenience.










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