Nail Trends to Leave In 2018

January 24, 2019 | 3748 Visits

Throughout 2018, we have experienced a boom in nail art trends, most of which gained popularity upon being embraced by K-pop idols. The New Year has brought with it exquisite nail art and designs thus demanding a change in its trend.  Below are some of the nail trends that ought to be left in 2018 to allow the flourishing of new designs.




1. Jelly nail trend

The jelly nail polish trend dominated the 2018 Korean fashion not only in spring but also in summer and early autumn. The polish is also usually referred to as ‘glass or see-through nails due to their slightly sheer appearance accompanied by the ‘lip gloss’ shininess. Moreover, they can be worn under various colors and are said to resemble fruity jam jellies. The polish looks stunning when worn with both short and long nails thus fostering its popularity.


2. Negative space nail art

The nail design whose idea popped up over three years ago saw tremendous popularity and customization in 2018. The playful yet sophisticated look of a negative space manicure involves the peeling on uncolored nail through bold lacquer colors. The art has been expressed through various designs including a thin outlining on nail tips and color blocks.


3. Denim blue nail art 

The recent craze for a denim fashion comeback has creeped its way into nail trends. In 2018, the denim blue nail trend became the newest manicure desire, especially with the ‘unfinished/ tattered’ denim nail polish; under the denimology reign. Unlike other colors, which would look absurd upon matching with clothes, matching the denim blue nail polish with a set of denim attire accentuates its exquisiteness.  The denim polish comes in various shades to compliment the various colors of denim.


4. Tartan nail art

Tartan nail art is usually a manicure design for festive seasons. The fact that the nail art can be worn under diverse design and according to one’s color preferences made its popularity rise in the 2018 manicure trends. The trend; owing to its design, presents a sophisticated yet playful appearance of the nails.


5. Half-moon nail art 

The style; resembling a reversed French manicure, has been a trend not only in red carpet events but also in celebrity-packed runways to offices and schools.  The half-moon comprises two contrasting polish shades with one being at the nail while the other at the tips. Moreover, individuals can also add reimbursements to accentuate the desired look.  It is a simple yet bold manicure design depending on the used shades.


6. Pierced nail trend

However bizarre it seems, piercings on the nails tips substantially dominated in the 2018 manicure trends. The trend which initially associated with edgy rock stars has been embraced to present elegance and fashion.


7. Leopard nail art 

The leopard nail art is one of the easiest DIY (do it yourself) nail design to undertake since the painting is freehand accompanied by uneven spots. Usually, this fun yet stylish art is accomplished by using three contrasting nail colors with one being the base coat; covering the whole nail, and the other two applied to represent the spots.


8. Framed nail art 

The nail art involves a color that runs round the outer linings of the nail; from the base to the tip and back, and contrasts with other colors used to accentuate the nail’s inner parts.


Nonetheless, some nail trends such as cartoon nail art might also prevail through 2019 and beyond since the designs depend on individual preferences and festive seasons as well.  In Korea, most of such nail art include pictures on kakao talk friends, Father Christmas and to some extend k-pop idols.


Overall, it does not mean that the discussed nail trends will not surface in 2019. For instance, the demonology fashion persistence might trigger the prevalence of the denim nail art; although in more creative presentations. The negative space nail art and nail piercings might also develop to more sophisticated designs. The manicure world has embraced diverse ideas and perspectives hence making it a booming niche for experimentation and exploitation.



—-Pe Arlkh

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