[UPDATE] Fantagio Confirms HELLOVENUS Disbandment

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Earlier, it was reported that HELLOVENUS would disband when their contracts end in May. Originally, Fantagio Entertainment denied the group would disband, but on April 26, 2019, Fantagio finally confirmed the female group will no longer be a group in a statement.

Hello. This is Fantagio Music.

First of all, we express sincere gratitude to the fans who have cherished and loved the group Hello Venus for a long time. The exclusive contracts of some members of Hello Venus (Alice, Nara, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, Yeoreum) with Fantagio Music will expire on May 8, 2019. After much discussion with the members about Hello Venus’s future activities, we came to the agreement to show support for each other in each individual’s desired activities in various areas for the futures of the members. Although the Hello Venus members still have a special relationship, we would like to cheer them on for each other individual paths.

Seoyoung and Yeoreum, who joined as Hello Venus members in 2014, will continue activities under our agency, and we are positively discussing with Yooyoung and Lime about contract renewals. Lastly, Alice and Nara made final decisions to [leave] on a positive note to chase their new dreams, and we have decided to respect those decisions. We express our gratitude to the six members of artist Hello Venus, who have always shown their best from their debut until now. In addition, we will cheer on and support the desired individual paths of each of the members, and we will do our best to help so that they can grow in the future. We express our sincere gratitude to the many fans who have sent constant love and support to Hello Venus over the past seven years, and we ask for your warm interest and support for the members who are awaiting new beginnings.

Thank you.

On April 27, Nara posted a letter to fans on her Instagram.

Hello. This is Hello Venus’s Nara.

It’s been a long time since I say hello with a handwritten letter. I am going to write this in a calm and orderly way with a heavy heart. You probably heard the news yesterday through the media. Alice and I will be starting fresh after leaving Fantagio, who we have been with for nine years. With the contract ending on May 8, even while working on my project, I made this decision after thinking it over a lot with the members and the agency. Although I am sad and also upset, this is the decision we made to show you each of our own dreams and to do our very best. Hello Venus’s debut on May of 2012 seems like yesterday and is still vivid in my mind. All Hello Venus members made many promises to fans, but I am sorry that we couldn’t keep them all.


All this time, I’ve wanted to do my best as Nara, and I’ve wanted to keep the promises I made to fans, but my heart aches because I don’t think I kept them all. Instead of thinking of it as the end of Hello Venus, I will think of it as another beginning to show my best to fans and will continue trying to show my best at all times. Please continue to watch over not only me, but also Alice, Lime, Yooyoung, Seoyoung, and Yeoreum, as we will do our best to show our best. So, I hope Hello Cupids are not too hurt. Also, I sincerely thank the people in Fantagio, who have been with me for nine years. All this time, I felt a lot of support when thinking about the love Hello Cupids gave to Hello Venus, and I was able to work while developing wonderful dreams.

Although I won’t be able to repay you as Hello Venus, I will work even harder to repay the love that you have given me so far as former member of Hello Venus, Kwon Nara. I hope you are always healthy and happy.

Hello Venus’s Nara. April 27, 2019.



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안녕하세요. 헬로비너스 나라입니다. 오랜만에 손편지로 인사드리네요. 무거운 마음으로 차근차근 써 내려가 보려고 합니다. 어제 기사를 통해 이 소식을 접하셨을 텐데요. 저와 앨리스 언니는 9년 동안 함께했던 판타지오의 품을 떠나서 새로운 시작을 하려고 합니다. 계약이 5월 8일 종료되어 작품을 하는 중에도 멤버들과 회사 분들과 함께 많은 고민을 하고 내린 결정입니다. 속상하기도 하고 슬픈 마음이 크지만 개개인의 꿈과 더 좋은 모습들을 보여 드리기 위해 내린 저희의 결정입니다. 2012년 5월 헬로비너스가 데뷔한 게 엊그제 같고 아직도 생생하네요. 헬로비너스 멤버 모두가 팬분들께 약속한 게 많았지만 다 지키지 못해서 죄송합니다. 그동안 나라로 정말 최선을 다하고 싶었고, 팬분들께 약속드린 걸 지키고 싶었는데 다 못 지킨 것 같아서 그게 제일 마음이 아픕니다. 헬로비너스로 끝이라는 생각보다는 더 좋은 모습을 팬분들께 보여드릴 수 있는 또 다른 시작이라 생각하고 어디 있든 언제나 좋은 모습 보여드릴 수 있도록 노력하겠습니다. 저뿐만 아니라 앨리스 언니, 라임, 유영, 서영, 여름 또한 더 좋은 모습 보여드릴 수 있도록 최선을 다할 테니 지켜봐 주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 그러니 헬로큐피트 너무 마음 아파하지 않으셨으면 좋겠어요. 그리고 9년 동안 함께해주신 판타지오 식구들 정말 감사합니다. 그동안 저는 헬로비너스를 사랑해주신 헬로큐피트 생각에 항상 든든하고 힘이 되었고 멋진 꿈들을 키워가면서 활동했습니다. 헬로비너스로 보답해드릴 순 없겠지만 헬로비너스였던 권나라로서 그동안 주셨던 사랑 보답해드릴 수 있도록 더욱 열심히 활동하겠습니다. 항상 건강하시고 행복하시길 바랍니다. – 헬로비너스 나라 올림- 2019. 4 . 27

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As Fantagio’s statement suggests, the members will pursue their own individual activities. We wish the soon-to-be former HELLOVENUS members luck in their future activities.



—-Olivia Murray

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