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March 16, 2021 | 16,387 Visits

K-Pop (Korean Pop) interviews are conversations with K-Pop artists or industry professionals that are conducted by journalists, radio hosts, or other media professionals. These interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video call, and they may be published in a variety of formats, including online news articles, podcasts, radio programs, and TV shows.

K-Pop interviews may cover a wide range of topics, including the careers and personal lives of K-Pop artists, the business and culture of the K-Pop industry, and the experiences and perspectives of K-Pop fans. These interviews may be conducted in Korean or in other languages, and they may be targeted at a general audience or at a more specialized readership or listenership.

If you’re a K-Pop fan looking to learn more about your favorite artists and groups, or if you’re just interested in the K-Pop industry, K-Pop interviews can be a great source of information and entertainment.

KCrush Interview with HMLT and KEI-LI

We’re bringing you an interview from HMLT and KEI-LI. For those who may not be aware, HMLT (pronounced “Hamlet”) is an artist, producer and collaborator who has worked with various flourishing musical acts. KEI-LI is a singer, producer,...
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Kcrush Interview with Singer-songwriter Vicke Blanka

Vicke Blanka is a globally-acclaimed Japanese singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. His music has been featured on various anime series, Japanese TV dramas and commercials. Vicke Blanka is also active as a radio DJ, a model and an esports...
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Interview with Josh Johnson, Lead Designer of KPOP: Becoming an Idol

At Kcrush, we’ve interviewed Josh Johnson who is the Lead Designer at Golden Gear Press that recently created a fun board game KPOP: Becoming an Idol. We hope this interview draws more interest to the work and we wish Josh and his team a...
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Kcrush Interview with Korean Singer Kassy

Kassy (Kim So-yeon) is a Korean singer who debuted in 2015 and competed on Unpretty Rapstar Season 3 in the following year. She has so far released the extended plays, I Want Love (2018) and Rewind (2019). We would like to thank Kassy for...
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Kcrush Interview with MCND

MCND (Music Creates New Dream) is a South Korean boy group formed by the company TOP Media in 2020. The group made their debut on February 27, 2020 with “ICE AGE”. We would like to thank the five members of MCND – Castle J,...
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KCrush Interview with J-Pop Girl Group, Faky 

Faky is a Japanese girl group which debuted in 2013, under Avex’s Rhythm Zone record label. The group’s unique name stands for “Five Ass Kicking Youngsters” and was also made by combining the words...
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KCrush Interview with Singer Soulsweet

Soulsweet is a Korean Soul singer-songwriter who is a part of Bubble Sisters, a female vocal group. For this interview, we quizzed Soulsweet on what it’s like to be a solo artist and how she is spending time during the pandemic. We...
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KCrush Interview with Webtoon Artist Oh Sung-dae

*So good to meet you! A brief self-introduction for your overseas fans, please! Hello, I’m the webtoonist Oh Sung-dae, author of the weekly Naver (Line) webtoon Tales of the Unusual. I’ve been in this business for over 10 years. ...
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KCrush Interview with Trot Singer Do Hyuna

*Could you introduce yourself to your international fans? Hello, I am singer Do Hyuna. I made my debut in 1997, when my song featured in a Korean TV drama. Since then, I released several albums and am currently working as a radio DJ at TBN...
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KCrush Interview with Fencer Kim Ye-hyun

We would like to thank Kim Ye-hyun of Fit & Hill Fitness for giving us a great interview. We wish him all the best in the future! Hello, thanks for taking the time out for a KCrush interview. Would you introduce yourself to our...
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KCrush Interview with Choi Sisters

We interviewed the amazing Choi Sisters who are Youtubers who cover contents regarding Korean culture. We would like to send out a a massive thanks to the ladies for this great interview and hope our readers will enjoy reading! ...
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KCrush Interview with K-HipHop Artist V1NO

Could you introduce yourself to K-hiphop international fans, with some behind stories on your rap name, ‘V1NO’? Hello, my name is V1NO. A 2nd generation Korean-American K-hiphop artist. As an artist I struggled with a lot of doubt and...
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Yo garam 1

Interview Inline Speed Skater, Yoo Ga-ram

Hello, thank you for taking the time out for a KCrush interview. Would you introduce yourself to our readers please? Hello, I am Yoo Ga-ram and I am the national representative of Inline Speed Skating team of Anyang City Hall. Please...
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KCruch Interview With Rising Star - MAIL 1

KCrush Interview With Rising Star – MAIL

For new international fans all over the world, could you introduce the meaning of your stage name, ‘MAIL’? Hello, this is MAIL from Korea. I’m so glad to have a chance to send my greetings to you guys. MAIL came from that of E-MAIL, but...
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