BSIFF Interview with Johee and Hanee Oh for THE GOOD SAMARITAN Inbox

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As big as the world is it’s a wonder that humans are able to form connections despite our perceived differences, and in the award-winning short film The Good Samaritan Girl/Die barmherzige Samariterin 같은 하늘 아래서 (2023), director and writer Johee Oh show how the bond between a 16-year-old Korean girl and her classmate from Kurdistan, is created through their differences and similarities as immigrants and teenagers in Germany.

Winning the Audience Award at the 38th Busan International Short Film Festival is an impressive achievement, and for Johee, her co-writer, producer, sister and main actress Hanhee Oh, second lead Shereen Syada, and their team, the award is very much deserved.

Stepping into the role of director is a daunting task for any person to undertake, especially those who are young and sharing their stories with the world with people who look, think, see and understand the world differently than they do. In our interview during the festival, I spoke with Johee and Hanee about how they faced the challenge of telling a story they both relate to on a personal level from the perspective of being Korean women who made the difficult choice to immigrate to Germany without the support system of their parents, and learning to adjust to a country and society where everything is new and unknown, as Hanee’s character Min-ju had to.


— Carolyn Hinds


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