Album Review Tuesday: BIGBANG MADE Series A

June 9, 2015 | 4872 Visits

On June 1, 2015, BIGBANG released the second installment of their MADE Series with A. A has six songs: “Bang Bang Bang,” “We Like 2 Party” and their instrumentals, as well as “Loser” and “Bae Bae.” A features songs that are more party-centric and upbeat, which is different from M’s sexually-charged, self-loathing anthems. The shift is perfect for summer; so many VIPs will enjoy it.

The album opens with “Bang Bang Bang.” The song has a similar vibe to “Fantastic Baby” from a few years ago with booming sound, addictive chorus, and catchy beat. While it doesn’t quite reach the addictive levels “Fantastic Baby” had, but it’s a good stand-in that—while not as addictive as the aforementioned “Fantastic Baby”—it actually does a few things better.

For starters, T.O.P rocks the song. His rapping keeps getting better with stronger flow as he matures. Seungri, also, has more maturity that is evident in his lines.

On the flipside, “Bang Bang Bang” feels more like a song made for Just Dance or Zumba game. With this, G-Dragon’s vocals feel squeaky and off at times, which throws the song off in the beginning. No matter what, “Bang Bang Bang” is still an enjoyable song.

“We Like 2 Party” has a summery vibe that is reminiscent of BIGBANG from days gone by. For fans of earlier hits like “Sunset Glow” and “Always,” “We Like 2 Party” will be more your style with its light instrumentals and vocals. The song isn’t as heavy-handed as “Bang Bang Bang,” so it’s a nice inclusion since BIGBANG shows off different sides of their abilities. The lyrics provide a feeling of wanting to make memories and have fun, adding to the summery vibe. The song can easily become an earworm and a song that could be timeless due to its lighter vibe. Plus, it’s one that could be used to introduce new people to K-Pop.

“Loser” was one of the singles from Series M. The song has twinges of heartache mixed with its mid-tempo sound. The beauty of “Loser” is how each member represents a different element of loserdom in the lyrics. BIGBANG’s voices waver and flow well while providing the sense of loss, anger, and sadness that consumes them. What’s interesting is how some of the lines feel more flat than others, so there are twinges of being deflated. The song has hints of “Love Song” and “Blue” in it, so it is perfect for those who enjoyed them.

Finally, “Bae Bae” is fairly memorable not just for its lyrical content, but for the way it’s delivered. At times, you can hear that BIGBANG did not take the song seriously, and that’s a good thing since it is sexually driven and one that has innuendo. How can it be taken seriously? Like with “Bang Bang Bang,” T.O.P and Seungri shine brightest, especially Seungri whose vocals drip with sex appeal. T.O.P, on the other hand, has more good-natured fun in his vocals that make the song feel unique and complete. While it’s not among the top BIGBANG songs, its uniqueness gives it an edge that rank it high in a category all its own. “Bae Bae” is essential BIGBANG and flaunts their personalities the best.

So far, while the albums are performing well on the charts, these aren’t the best songs BIGBANG have produced. They get the job done and they’re making a lot of fans happy, but the lyrics just don’t suffice compared to BIGBANG of old. There are still two more mini albums to come, so it’ll be interesting to see what’s next. So far, there is a slight feeling of disappointment.

Made Series-A earns a 3.5/5


— Joelle Halon 

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