5 Life Lessons To Learn From Korean Dramas

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5 Life Lessons To Learn From Korean Dramas

With the upward trend of Korean fever, otherwise known as K-fever, Korean songs and dramas have been spreading like fire. Even Korean cuisine has garnered its likes and is sprouting across almost every other street internationally. Gone are the times of Japanese dramas with Korean dramas becoming the IN thing. Those eye candies combined with beautiful scenery and the addictive nature of the storylines means a great audience base. Who knew that you could actually learn a thing or 2 from Korean drama amidst the lovey-dovey cast and addictive plot? Here are some things I picked up while watching Korean dramas.

1. Change is desired
asdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdasdjandiWhether it’s the makeup, outfit, or hairstyle, a change would always do you good. It could change the way people look at you, the way you feel about yourself, thus changing your life forever.

Lesson learned- Embrace changes instead of sticking to your comfort zone. You may never know what to expect, but positive things will come along the way, because of your mindset and attitude.





2. Forgive and forget
lee min ho 2lee min ho






No matter how annoying the ‘enemy’ may seem in those shows, Korean drama always teaches us to shake hands and make up in the end. Even if they seem all-out evil, unrepentant and even unbending, they usually back down no matter how difficult it seemed initially. Therefore, learn to forgive and forget and make up as two always works out better than one.

Lesson learned- Keep your peace and calm. It’s easier to not make enemies than forgive and forget. Learn not to take things to heart as each individual has their own viewpoints. If you have already established bad terms with people around you whether it may be your colleagues or friends, learn to take the step to work things out, so that there won’t always be that hatred and anger consuming you.

3. Being rich doesn’t make you happy

aasasasaLet’s put it this way. If you watched the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers, the F4, they were rich spoiled brats. They were a bunch of rich and elite kids who only stuck to people of their own status and had literally no idea how to interact with others. What made the drama bearable was that the seemingly plain Jane female lead would appear and transform their lives and make them learn how to be part of the world.

Lesson learned- Being rich and having the money is desired by all, but it doesn’t instantly make you a good or better person. It also, doesn’t mean that being rich will make you happy. Learn to be content, live and like where you are currently. Achieving that entire monetary goal may give you the materialistic items you want, but eventually, being happy is of the utmost importance.

4. Get out More
In these dramas, there’s always beautiful scenery and wonderful sights. The cast are always going somewhere. Whether is it camping, watching stars, going to the beach or just driving the car to Busan or taking a domestic flight to Jeju, they were always getting out.
ddddgsdfsdfsLesson learned-Get out more and learn to appreciate the beauty of the world with new eyes. Even going to the same place twice with different people could allow you to learn and discover new wonders. Sometimes, it just reminds you of how beautiful your life is and how the problems you were facing now seem so small.

5. Don’t Worry, be happy
cvscsdsThe most important lesson that Korean drama teaches is this. Whatever situation or fixes you get into, whether it’s falling for an alien, being that poor kid in town and lusting after the rich hot kid, a birth secret, amnesia, coming across stalkers, falling in love with the enemy’s son, sickness, or whatever it is, Kdramas always manage to find a way to end the drama happily 99% of the time.

Lesson learned-Whatever happens, learn to take it positively and things will eventually turn out well for you. It doesn’t help anyone or any situation to be mopping around when nothing is done about it. Why not get out there with a positive attitude and attract the positive to come your way!
Other than the hot bodied shower scenes and eye candies, what attracts you to watch Korean Dramas? Feel free to share with us on your takeaways from these shows!

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