While you were sleeping

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While You Were Sleeping is about a woman who sees through her dreams of terrible things that will happen to people in the future and a prosecutor who tries to prevent them from happening.


Nam Hong Joo

Has the ability to dream about the future. This is causing trouble in her life. It is tough knowing the future and being unable to prevent it. She can warn someone about an accident, for instance, but in the end, the accident still happens. She begins to change with the help of Jae Chan.


Jung Jae Chan

A rookie prosecutor who develops the same ability as Hong Joo. He is able to help change what Hong Joo sees in her dreams. A handsome young man who changed Nam Joo’s destiny. He is living with his younger brother and he is a neighbor of Nam Joo.


Han Woo Tak

A police officer. His life was saved by Jae Chan and he ends up helping Jae Chan and Hong Joo and develops such a lovely friendship with them. Woo Tak is such a sweet and selfless man who is always more than willing to jump in and help when needed.


Lee Yoo Bum

Our villainous lawyer, will do anything for money. He can get himself out of the trouble, a constant thorn in prosecutor’s Jung Jae Chan’s side. He was dating Hong Joo and then she breaks up with him.


What I Think?

The cast deserves applause from suiting up to their personas at their very best every time they are captured on screen. Every single character was developed and had a couple of different traits displayed, which transformed them into a believable person. I really adored Jae Chan and Hong Joo as a couple. They are super cute together and give us plenty of adorable couple moments. They are also both genuinely good people that put others before themselves, and they develop such a supportive relationship with each other. The drama shows how the choices people make impact those around them. Self-centered Yoo Beom never cares about how his decisions affect others, and ends up having to lie and fabricate, digging himself a hole that eventually becomes way too deep to climb out of. The Three Flying Dragons, on the other hand, choose to always diligently stick to what they know to be right, at times even putting their careers at risk, in their desire to do good.


—-Lotus Hagar

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