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April 8, 2015 | 1437 Visits

If you enjoy melodramas with a sprinkle of romantic comedy, then 49 Days is the drama for you. Produced with a cast showing good chemistry, aired in 2011. This 20 episode drama is one of my favorites. I first found this great Kdrama on Netflix last year (2014) and could not stop watching it until the very last episode.

49 Days is about a girl that is about to marry someone she believes is the person she loves, but has a car accident and is killed. Her ghost has 49 days to receive three heartfelt tear drops from a non-family member to show that she was really loved in order for her to go to the other side happily. She discovers this only when a “reaper”, very well played by actor, Jung Il Woo, tells her. That is where the story becomes even more interesting. Her up and down struggles to find just three tears is sometimes very heartbreaking and hilarious. The main character, Shin Ji Hyun, played by actress, Nam Gye Ri, had a sister, played by actress, Lee Yo Won, that was taken when they both were smaller. Within the storyline an amazing thing happens regarding her sister. Han Kang, played by actor, Jo Hyun Jae, the “to be” husband is someone you try not to hate because of his actions, but I’ll let you decide!

There’s so much more to say about this wonderful drama, well I’ll say one more thing. The OST is amazing. The meanings and softness of most of the songs follows you even after finishing the story. But, again, you decide!

If you cannot find 49 Days on Netflix, Drama Fever has it now.

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