Top 5 Vacation Spots in Bali

May 22, 2021 | 1420 Visits

The Indonesian island of Bali, often the favourite destination of backpackers, is packed with exquisite spots of nature and culture that attract millions of holidaymakers each year. With lush green forests, lava spewing active volcanos and a series of centuries old buddhist temples, Bali has just about everything a tourist could ask for. We take a look at the top 5 vacation spots in Bali below.’


5. Mount Batur



An active volcano hidden away on the Eastern side of Bali, Mount Batur towers over the plains surrounding it. Visitors often hike to the top of the volcano, a trek that is physically demanding and takes two hours minimum. The views from the top are breathtaking with Lake Batur on one side and a slew of forests on the other. Although lava last flowed from the volcano almost twenty years ago, the site nevertheless provides a breathtaking view of the crater from the top. With temperatures at midday too hot due to direct sunlight, the best time to undertake the hike is at pre-dawn. Following this schedule will enable one to catch the sunrise at the apex of the volcano, along with a sun drenched instagram perfect picture to remember the moment by.


4. Ubud Monkey Forest



Famous for naughty monkeys who will pounce at tourists’ belongings the first chance they get, Ubud Monkey Forest is a treat for tourists and photographers alike. Thousands of grey long tailed macaques make this forest their home, jumping through endless rows of towering trees as they eye the tourists below. An added treat when visiting this forest are ancient sculptures of animals that line the walkways, adding to the mystic and mysterious feel of the forest. This is not all as there are a couple of ancient temples hidden away in the forest as well. Each of these temples is more than 500 years old and showcases a specific period of Balinese history. With its rich flora and fauna along with stunning ancient relics, the Ubud Monkey Forest is one of the most visited vacation spots on the island.


3. Uluwatu



Perched away in the Southernmost corner of the peninsula, Uluwatu is a place of wonder and serenity. Most famous for the Uluwatu temple that is built right at the edge of a hundred meter high cliff, the area is dotted with white sandy beaches perfect for surfing. The Green Bowl and Balangan are the most famous in this regard, always filled to the brim with both professional and aspiring surfers as they master the waves with throngs of tourists chilling nearby. The jagged and elevated rock formations that make up the rest of the coast provide a perfect backdrop for some great photos as well. Paragliding is also available for tourists here enabling them to take in some stunning sights from above. In a nutshell, Uluwatu has everything for tourists; ancient temples to satisfy history buffs, great beaches for surf lovers to unwind on and plenty of hotels nearby to rest in.


2. Tegalalang Rice Terraces



One of the most visited tourist spots on the entire peninsula of Bali, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces have a level of awestruck beauty that is hard to describe. Consisting of rows upon rows of stepped rice terraces on hilly slopes as far as the eye can see, this vacation spot envelops all those who visit it with a sense of wonder and amazement that is unmatched. With clear blue skies providing the perfect backdrop to lush green rice paddies, tourists can walk on several of the walkways that snake across the landscape to discover the area properly. A slew of restaurants and cafes that dot the outer periphery of the area provide refreshments while long jungle swings are also available for the more daring tourists to test their fear of heights.


1. Kelingking Beach



Containing what is quite possibly the most instagrammable spot in the whole of Bali, Kelingking Beach provides a stunning combination of turquoise water surrounded by a white sand beach with extreme waves crashing in. However, the real attraction is the view from the limestone cliffs that look down at the beach as one is mesmerized by the stunning artistry of nature at display. A steep, winding path leads down from this cliff to the beach itself with bamboo railings on either side providing limited security. The perilous journey down does not deter hundreds of thousands from attempting to descend down to a serene beach that has been argued to have the most aggressive waves in all of the peninsula. Quite possibly the most famous landmark in all of Bali, Kelingking Beach encapsulates the essence of Bali itself; a daring yet stunningly serene piece of nature that has no equal anywhere on Earth.


—-Sami Yabbasi

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