Three music titles related to TV Anime “FAIRY TAIL” have been released on March 16! Soundtracks by Yasuharu Takanashi, character songs, and live performances are totally 225 tracks!!

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The complete edition, with the title, “FAIRY TAIL SOUNDTRACK ARCHIVES 2009-2013”, is the first album. This album has 181 songs all together which includes the soundtrack which was created by Yasuharu Takanashi for all 4 works of the first season of the anime “FAIRY TAIL” and has been remastered for this occasion. Also, this album includes 30 songs which have never been included in the CD before. Yasuharu Takanashi has been making music for a lot of popular anime.

The second album is “CHARACTER SONGS COLLECTION”, which gathered 20 character songs which were created during the same period of time.

The final album is called “FAIRY TAIL LIVE, Music Festival Of The Dragon King”.

This album includes songs from a live performance show in 2019 called, “FAIRY TAIL LIVE, Music Festival Of The Dragon King 2019”, where only FAIRY TAIL songs were performed.

The CD, “FAIRY TAIL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL. 1”, was released in January 2010 and since then this CD has been constantly popular and the number of sales is still growing. This CD includes the famous ‘FAIRY TAIL Main Theme’ which has been loved and still listened to all over the world.

Yasuharu Takanashi created a very unique symphonic sound which was a mix of heavy sounds based on metal and Celtic music.

This time, some very precious sounds like the demo version of ‘FAIRY TAIL Main Theme’ were digitally restored and will be released in the album called, “Unreleased Music Collection”. This demo version was the first take of the FAIRY TAIL Main Theme which was done by Yasuharu Takanashi who was in charge of the BGM for the anime.

The album “FAIRY TAIL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL. 4” includes 49 BGM songs for “FAIRY TAIL” and is now available via subscription services for the first time. These 49 songs were originally included in the CD which was released in 2013. The soundtrack is planned to be released in high resolution.

The album, “FAIRY TAIL CHARACTER SONGS COLLECTION” includes 20 character songs which were made around the same period of time. The two songs now added as new songs for the “FAIRY TAIL ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK VOL. 4” will be available via subscription services for the first time.

Also, the sound of the live performance from, “Music Festival Of The Dragon King” was digitally restored for the first time. The Live show was done by Yasuharu Takanashi at Shinjuku ReNY on the 28th of September 2019, and he performed only songs from “FAIRY TAIL”. We hope that people will experience it as if they are at the live show which was legendary and has been much talked about passionately among anime fans.


“FAIRY TAIL SOUNDTRACK ARCHIVES 2009-2013” – includes 181 songs

“VOL.1” (released in 2010), ”VOL.2” (released in 2010), “VOL.3” (released in 2011),

“Unreleased Music Collection” (remastered in 2022 )



(remastered in 2017, released originally January in 2010)

1 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme

2 Erza

3 Magic Invocation

4 Dragon Slayer

5 Tower of Heaven

6 Dark Guild

7 Mirajane

8 Lively Town

9 Fairy Tail

10 Celestial Magic

11 Good Luck, Lucy

12 Gray

13 Natsu

14 Destiny

15 Creeping Shadow

16 Laxus’s Runaway

17 Fairy Law

18 Comrades

19 Hometown

20 Lucy

21 Maelstrom of Ice

22 Revenant

23 Oh Darkness, Foregather!

24 Eisenwald

25 Black Wizard

26 Salamander

27 Ice Blade Swirling

28 Magic Duel

29 Sorrowful Past

30 Deliora the Demon

31 Titania’s Armor

32 Blazing Fist

33 Last-Minute Magic

34 Burning Rage

35 Pomp and Circumstance (Rock ver.)

36 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Slow ver.)




(remastered in 2017, released originally in July of 2010)

1 Kurogane

2 Leo

3 Wicked Hammering

4 Reminiscence ~Awaking Soul~

5 New Friendship

6 Happy

7 Suspicious Wizard

8 Makarov

9 Fantasia

10 A Song For The Road

11 Phantom Lord

12 Magic Challenger

13 Baneslayer Storm

14 Tragic

15 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Piano ver.)

16 Natsu’s Magic 1 ~Fire Dragon’s Roar~

17 Natsu’s Magic 2 ~Fire Dragon’s Sword Edge~

18 Natsu’s Magic 3 ~Fire Dragon’s Fist~

19 Gray’s Magic 1 ~Ice-Make~

20 Gray’s Magic 2 ~Ice Geyser~

21 Gray’s Magic 3 ~Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance~

22 Erza’s Magic 1 ~Adamantine Armor~

23 Erza’s Magic 2 ~Heaven’s Wheel Armor~

24 Erza’s Magic 3 ~Purgatory Armor~

25 Dark Afterglow

26 King of the Celestial Spirits

27 Tower of Heaven ~ from Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor Op.18

28 Released Power

29 Bonds

30 Reminiscence ~Sad Soul~

31 Lacrima Crystal

32 Satan Soul

33 Fierce Battle Against Evil

34 Eternal Magic

35 The Fiore Kingdom

36 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Metal ver.)



(remastered in 2017, released originally in July of 2011 )

1 The Magical Land’s Traveler

2 Three Dragon Slayers

3 Swiftly

4 Furious Fight of Steel

5 Allied Forces, Assemble!

6 Carla’s Confession

7 Oración Seis Appears!

8 Leader Against Leader

9 Midnight Awakens

10 Poison Dragon of Cobra

11 Nirvana’s Light

12 Parallel World Edolas

13 People of the Floating Islands

14 Mystogan

15 The Sky Maiden

16 Winged One

17 The Ultra-Subspace Magic Anima

18 Exceeds

19 Disappearing Magic Power

20 Ice Boy

21 Angel Annihilation Plan

22 Angel’s Anguish

23 Panther Lily

24 Draconic Chain Cannon

25 Fierce Fight and Magic

26 Celestial Fight

27 The Power of Justice

28 Erza vs. Erza

29 Dragon Force

30 Ancient Magic



(remastered in 2017, released originally in March of 2013)


1 The Thunder-Fire Dragon Roars

2 The Seven Kin of Purgatory

3 Malice of the Black Mage

4 Hidden Feelings

5 To the Beloved One

6 The S-Class Wizard Qualification Test

7 Tenrou Island

8 Grimoire Heart

9 Black Flames

10 Fire Dragon vs. Flame God

11 The Light of a Past Day

12 The Tomb of Mavis

13 Blue Note, the Great Wizard

14 Invincible Azuma

15 The Melancholy of Zeref

16 Crime Sorcière

17 Ultear and Gray

18 Fairy Glitter

19 Tenrou Tree

20 Makarov vs. Hades

21 Prelude to Destruction

22 The Strongest of the Last Battles

23 Best Partner

24 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Tenrou Island ver.)

25 Saber Tooth

26 Third Generation Dragon Slayer

27 White & Black Dragons

28 Time Labyrinth

29 Distant Promised Land

30 The Grand Magic Games

31 Risk Your Pride

32 The Game Begins

33 A Formidable Foe Shows Up

34 Magic Game Battle

35 One Hit for Victory

36 Lucy and the Power of Celestial Spirits

37 Those Behind the Scenes

38 Ultear

39 Juvia

40 The Guild’s Pride

41 Frosch and Lector

42 Carla’s Nightmare

43 The Eclipse Plan

44 We, Fairy Tail

45 The Worst Rival Appears

46 Aim to the Top!

47 Magic Battle of Experts

48 Endless Fight

49 The Champion of Magic


“FAIRY TAIL Unreleased Music Collection”

(with songs which were have never been released before)

1 Fairy Tail Main Theme (Rock ver.) (2009)

2 The Fiore Kingdom (Short ver.) (2009)

3 Prologue (2009)

4 FAIRY TAIL Subtitle,FAIRY TAIL Catch A,FAIRY TAIL Catch B, FAIRY TAIL Catch C (2009)

5 Siegrain’s Intrigue (2009)

6 Jellal (2009)

7 Baram Alliance(2010)

8 The Naked Mummy Challenge (2010)

9 Natsu and Lucy (2009)

10 I Don’t Like Rides (2009)

11 Loke (2009)

12 The Trimens Appearance (2010)

13 Carla Kawaii (2010)

14 Wendy (2010)

15 Jellal Is Back (2010)

16 Prologue 2, FAIRY TAIL Catch 2 A, FAIRY TAIL Catch 2 B, FAIRY TAIL Catch 2 C (2010)

17 Nirvana’s Creation (2010)

18 Brain’s Strategy (2010)

19 Arousal of Zero (2010)

20 Guild for Just One (2010)

21 The Return of Gildarts (2011)

22 Gajeel Searching for a Cat (2011)

23 Mysterious Mystogan (2011)

24 Fairy Hunting (2011)

25 Carla and Happy’s Secret (2011)

26 The Sound of the Earth (2011)

27 Make a Breakthrough (2011)

28 Clash in the Dust (2011)

29 Ancient Magic (Piano Solo ver.) (2011)

30 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (2009 First Demo)




1 Blaze Up/Natsu (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

2 Frozen Soul/Gray (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

3 OPEN THE GATE/Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano)

4 Happy Day/Happy (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

5 Eternal Fellows/Natsu (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

6 Wings of Liberty/Erza (CV: Sayaka Oohara)

7 METALLIC KISS/Gajeel (CV: Wataru Hatano)

8 Have a nice day!/Happy & Carla (CV: Rie Kugimiya,Yui Horie)

9 Amazing Blessings/Wendy (CV: Satomi Sato)

10 TRUE PRIDE/Gray (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

11 Nichijou Sanka – This Place -/Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano)

12 Kizuna Darou!!/Natsu (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)

13 Scarlet/Erza (CV: Sayaka Oohara)

14 Naked dream/Gray (CV: Yuichi Nakamura)

15 Zutto Issho/Wendy&Carla (CV: Satomi Sato, Yui Horie)

16 Ore no IRON Blues/Gajeel (CV: Wataru Hatano)

17 Happy Holiday/Lucy (CV: Aya Hirano)

18 Itsumo Zenkaida/Natsu & Happy (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara,Rie Kugimiya)

19 BLOW AWAY/Natsu & Gray (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara, Yuichi Nakamura)

20 Happy Tale/Lucy, Erza & Wendy (CV: Aya Hirano,Sayaka Oohara, Satomi Sato)


“FAIRY TAIL FAIRY TAIL Music Live, Music Festival Of The Dragon King – includes 24 songs

1 Dragon Force

2 Three Dragon Slayer

3 Dragon Slayer

4 Kurogane

5 Natsu vs. Future Rogue

6 Erza

7 Kyouka Attacks

8 The Magical Land’s Traveler

9 Doujigiri Ezel

10 Released Power

11 Mirajane

12 Drops of Time

13 Gray

14 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme 2014

15 The Dragon’s Flame

16 Erza, Slicer of Fate

17 Mystogan

18 Death Fight Against the Executors

19 Magic Duel

20 Erza vs. Erza

21 The Thunder-Fire Dragon Roars

22 FAIRY TAIL Main Theme

23 Last-Minute Magic

24 Fairy Tail – A New Adventure


member: Yasuharu Takanashi (Keyboards), Kenji Fujisawa (Guitar), Showtaro Mitsuzono (Bass), Shun Minari (Drums), Funta7 (Synthesizer), Mizuki Mizutani (Violin), Miki Masuda (Chorus), Remi (Chorus).

The Live show was recorded at Shinjuku ReNY on the 28th of September 2019.


<Profile of Yasuharu Takanashi in Team-MAX>

Yasuharu Takahashi is a musician who has the specialty of creating heavy and glorious sounds. His unique sound mixes hard rock and orchestra, with his main roots of inspiration for music being in rock.

His masterpiece includes the opening theme song for the martial arts “PRIDE” (2000), “Naruto Shippuden” (2007~), “Pretty Cure” series (2009~2012), “FAIRY TAIL” (2009~), “Sailor Moon Crystal, Eternal” (2014~), “Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou” (2018~) and more.

He has been very active performing overseas and he won the JASRAC International awards in 2013, 2014, 2017, 2020, and 2021.



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