Singer Yukika Announces Upcoming Marriage

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In late April, the 29-year-old Japanese-born, Korea-based singer and actress posted a handwritten message announcing her upcoming nuptials.



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Yukika (Teramoto Yukika) said:

Hello, this is Yukika.

I’m writing this letter because I want to share some news with the fans who are always rooting for me.

I came to Korea in 2016, and six years have already passed since then.

Starting from group activities to my solo debut, many things have happened, and I’m both happy and amazed that I’m continuing to gain so many different memories and experiences here in my second homeland.

And then I met someone who leads my life in an even happier and brighter direction, and we will be getting married.

I’m sure there are people who will be surprised by this sudden news, but I hope that you will congratulate me and cheer me on for the future.

I will work hard to show you even better things in the future and bring you good music through my next album!

Thank you.

Ubuntu Entertainment confirmed Yukika’s news by saying, “Yukika is engaged to be married with her Korean boyfriend, whom she’s currently dating.”

The singer, best known for her City Pop tracks, will be marrying a former Korean celebrity who is no longer involved in the industry. She and her company have chosen to keep his identity private.

“He once promoted as a celebrity, but he is currently working in a different field,” Ubuntu Entertainment said. “As he has left the entertainment industry, we ask for your understanding regarding the fact that we can’t reveal the details of his identity.”

Yukika has been involved in both the Japanese and Korean entertainment industries since 2006. The voice actress and former model took a break from the industry between 2012-2015 to attend university before returning to acting in August 2015. From there, she appeared in Idolmaster KR and was part of the Real Girls Project. She appeared on Mix Nine and finished 34th. Yukika made her solo debut in Korea with “Neon” February 22, 2019.

We wish Yukika the best of luck on her upcoming marriage!

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—-Olivia Murray



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