SF9’s Jaeyoon is being accused of blackface

February 24, 2017 | 6855 Visits

SF9’s Jaeyoon is being accused of blackface after uploading a photo of his face covered in black paint.

The photo was posted to Twitter after a V-App video where members of SF9 painted each other’s faces.

The original tweet was posted to SF9’s main twitter account and caption “Everyone, it’s Jaeyoon. Can you….see me? I am right here kekeke”

The tweet has since been taken down and many fans are requesting an apology from the group. Do you think this was blackface or just something accidental?

—-Ke’Anna Bullard

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3 responses to “SF9’s Jaeyoon is being accused of blackface”

  1. heyv says:

    YALL ITS A FUCKING ALBUM COVER?? Ehy are u offended?? And jaeyoon is right u cant see him in the dark with his mAKE UP . Gosh.

  2. kaciii says:

    That’s a facial mask for pores. Skin treatment, it could have been any color.

  3. fantasy says:

    it is not a facial mask, its literal paint, he’s holding a paintbrush and the other members have paint on their faces as well

    its also not an album cover, and it is untrue that he’s just wearing makeup in the dark in the second picture, the writing under his eye is the same in the first and third pictures

    I know you guys are fans of sf9 and I like their music too, but its not okay to post down right lies on the internet. especially when its regarding a topic that is hurtful to certain minorities.

    yes, he put black paint all over his face, and I doubt he did it with any malicious intent, but the underlying issue is the face that black skin is used to be funny. black skin, black fishing and black face is not funny and should not be overlooked.

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