November 2023 Top Korean Singer Brand Reputation Rankings

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The November list is out and the competitor amongst K-Pop artists is a chaotic beauty to uphold. With new ‘artists joining this month’s top five list, others have barely managed to hang on but at lower positions. As expected, this month’s top K-pop act has taken the world by storm beating their seniors to shine and reign.



1. New Jeans

This bubbly fresh-off the boat K-pop act has yet again proved its sovereignty by taking the lead in this November’s Top Korean Singer Rankings with a brand reputation index of 7,323,578. Up from last year’s 4th position. this new kid on the block under HYPE company has continued to soar higher setting an unbeatable record in the K-Pop world only 2 years into debuting. In addition to this win, New Jeans reigned the 2023 MAMA Awards held late this month in Japan, after winning in 4 different categories, including the Best Dance Performance Female Group and Best Female Group. New Jeans has also scooped various awards early this year including in Billboard Music Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and Asian Pop Music Awards among others.



2. Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong scooped second place with a brand index of 7,209,898. The mesmerizing national tour concerts played a big role in Young Woong’s securing a top-three position against other powerhouse K-pop singers. Young Woong’s active engagements through social media platforms and concerts have given the ballad, pop, and trot singer a better standing in the rankings compared to last month’s 3rd place ranking. Lim Young Woong has become a household name.  Young Woong’s tickets for last month’s IM HERO 2023 tour sold out minutes upon release as fans tried hard to get into the maxed-out server line. Lim Young Woong’s fans are a fanbase to behold, especially the elderly fans who aren’t shy to shower the talented singer with love and praise.



3. BTS

Despite the group’s busy schedule with military enlistments, BTS has still managed to maintain its dominance among the top 3 K-pop acts. The legendary boy band scooped 3rd position, down from being the lead in last month’s rankings, with a brand reputation index of 5,994,183. Over the last two years, the members have majorly focused on personal projects which have also been successful. Jungkook, the group’s golden maknae, has lived up to his nickname and strengthened the power and popularity of BTS as a powerhouse, especially with the “Seven” solo album. With more BTS members expected to enroll for mandatory military service in the coming months, ARMY (BTS’ fanbase) can’t wait to see what the remaining members are brewing to deliver.



4. IVE

IVE is out to conquer and reign in the K-Pop industry with mesmerizing performances and lyrical pieces. In this November’s top Korean singer rankings, the girl band came in fourth, from last month’s 5th position, with a brand reputation index of 5,475,890. Just 2 years after debuting, IVE has had an immense impact backed by numerous awards including in MAMA awards, Japan Gold Disc Awards,  and Golden Disc Awards. In October, IVE became the 1st K-Pop act to top Melon’s Top 100 chart with 3 different songs. IVE is having its first-ever world tour, the ‘Show What I Have’ tour, planned to kick off on January 13, 2024. This tour is expected to solidify the band’s global popularity.



5. Seventeen

Seventeen came in fifth, climbing up from last month’s 11th position’, with a brand reputation index of 4,750,508. The “Super” hitmaker showed its popularity in the K-pop industry after scooping the Best Album award in the 2023 MAMA Awards. Seventeen’s tours throughout the year, including the ‘FOLLOW’ tour, have also contributed heavily to the rising brand popularity of the boy band. Seventeen’s incoming tours set early next year are expected to give the group leverage against other worthy components in the K-Pop industry.


—-Karen Mwenda 



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