Purple Kiss 2023 – The Festa Tour in USA

November 30, 2023 | 1233 Visits


The Dallas, Texas Concert was really jumping and ecstatic!! The girls performed their iconic songs with a mixture of some cover songs too, which they did a cover on one of my favorite songs I like to listen to. It’s awesome to see how the girls have grown from their rookie days to now doing their first ever USA tour! It was cool to see a mixture of Plories alike there from kids to young adults to adults. The Plory were really happy to be there and showing their support for the girls; shouting their names, saying “I love you’ and swaying or jumping from their performance.

I also want to shout out to Gilley’s, who hosted the Purple Kiss concert. Their venue was really spacious and instead of having people standing the whole time during the concert, they put chairs out for the Plory so it became a sitting venue instead of a standing venue which was really nice. Speaking of nice, the staff were really friendly and lovely to talk to. They made us feel welcome and the volunteers were helpful to get us help on where to be stationed..3. The one cool thing in that venue was the disco ball that was hanging above the audience and they did use it a couple of times.



Okay! Now let’s talk about the awesome performance of Purple Kiss. They started off with their “Intro: Bye Bye Bully” which was really cool to see, I loved their outfits for it and the dance was awesome. The crowd was really feeling it and waving their lightsticks in the air. The next song they performed after is  “Nerdy”. The crowd was showing a lot more energy for this one. The dancing for this song was super cool and I enjoyed the beat of the music. Their third song was “Pretty Psycho”.   I will say this one is a favorite of mine because the dancing and music is really awesome. The instrumental of the song made me feel like I was in a spy movie or in that time frame, but I wasn’t the only one jumping more during this song. I did enjoy all their songs throughout the concert even my partner photographer, Beau even liked some of their songs, his favorite one out of the ones we heard I believe was “MemeM” which I think the fans agreed was their favorite too because a lot of fans were moving their lightsticks with the beat and singing along.



Now! Let’s talk about their amazing covers. The first group to go first was Chaein and Ireh. They did “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “Sway With Me”. I loved their performance of “Sway With Me”. It was well performed!  By the way, this is the song I mentioned in the beginning is one of my favorite songs to sing too. But anyway, I loved their dance performance for it and they both had amazing singing voices especially when they performed “We Don’t Talk Anymore”. That one was cute and I liked their choreography. The two of them did an amazing show on both of the songs and the outfits were super cute too. The next three girls, Swan, Dosie and Goeun, did “Light Switch” and “Rain On Me”. They’re dance numbers for both songs were awesome. I also loved that the venue added the Disco Ball part to “Rain On Me” . It was super cool and a very nice touch for their performance for this song. The crowd agreed too because that made them raise their hands and the crowd was really jumping. Fun fact, the girls didn’t know they were going to use it so it surprised them.



They did a very cute Q&A for Purple Kiss, it was adorable. After the girls were done performing their individual covers they pulled out a white board filled with sticky notes. The Plory while they were waiting to get inside the venue to write down questions they wanted the girls to answer or pick questions to answer. Purple Kiss picked four questions from the board, the first one was about super powers which were very cute and matched the girls’ personalities. The second question wasn’t really a question, mostly a competition between the girls to see who could/. do a better Yee-Haw in a country accent. All the girls went up one by one and the winner was Swan, she was the closest one to sound country while saying Yee-haw. The third question was would you live in space or underwater? It was cute to see their reason for picking where they would live, but mostly there were three votes to live in space and two votes to live underwater. The fourth question wasn’t a question either, it was a shout out to a band because they have a sticky note that has been on their board since they started touring in the USA. They said it looked like a cat eye on it and it’s a rock band called SoulKeeper, which the guy, Eric from the band, is a part of the company that brought them to the USA. They asked him to do something and he screamed into the mic saying “What’s Up Dallas!” Really loudly, which surprised the girls because they never heard him be that loud before during their touring, they said he’s always talking to them softly so it was pretty neat to them to see that side of him.



After the Q&A Purple Kiss went back to performing their songs. “Sweet Juice” and “Agit” were really awesome songs to hear. The Plory were really into both songs the first one was popping and the second song was groovy (yes, I used groovy) because that was the vibe I was getting from it and I wasn’t the only one that was swaying to that song plus popping our heads up and down the Plory were doing it too. The crowd got really hyped for “Ponzona”. Plory were dancing around for that song and enjoyed the break dance a lot that the girls did. After the very, very last song they went to the back to probably change into their next outfit. Once they were off stage Plories sat down then began to chant the girls’ names and stomped their feet on the ground trying to get the girls back on stage. It was enough to bring the girls back and they were wearing purple cowboy’s hats. It was so cute, they even had flowers on them. The last two final songs were “Skip Skip” and “Twinkle”. The first song was really good, catchy and I loved the dance moves for it plus the rapping part in the song was good too. The second song, they used the disco ball again which still was a good added touch for the song and I loved the music beat. It made me feel like I was going on a grand adventure. Again, the crowd was jumping around on this song. As the song was about to come to an end, the girls decided to throw their cowboy hats to the crowd and Plory was really happy about it. The concert came to a close and the announcer asked whoever has the VIP to stay and everyone else may please exit.



As we exited the Gilley’s, Plories stopped to take a final picture at the sign with Purple Kiss name on the billboard. It was nice to see so many fans that wanted to take group photos, solo pictures, or just the billboard. So, all in all I loved the Purple Kiss concert. It was amazing, I was enjoying the vibe, the music, the dancing and the interaction with their Plories. You could see the excitement in the girls’ eyes and their movements while they were performing and talking amongst their Plories. Even the Plories were also showing the same energy as the girls. I’m super grateful for being invited to do an article for them because it was awesome to see their very first USA tour and I can’t wait to see more tours of them in the future.



Article by: Breya



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